CSH CAPITAL Surveys the Future

Released on: September 13, 2012, 5:09 am
Industry: Financial

New CSH CAPITAL Survey Finds Investors More Optimistic about the Future

-- /EPR NETWORK/ -- A new client survey conducted by CSH CAPITAL has found many investors anticipating a brighter future, with nearly 50 percent surveyed feeling "somewhat" or "very optimistic" about the outlook for the economy recovery, up 13 percentage points from those who reported the same period last year.

Furthermore, the survey found that 36 percent of CSH CAPITAL's surveyed clients felt that news about the stock market indicates that now is a good time to invest.

"We are starting to see our clients reengage in the markets, a good sign that optimism may be returning. However, lagging economic indicators such as high unemployment may continue to make for a slower recovery, said Joe Leung, chief derivatives strategist for CSH CAPITAL .

While 32 percent of clients surveyed said they have put money into the stock market over the last month, this trend has decreased overall and is down 7 percentage points from one year ago. Twenty-three percent of clients surveyed have removed some or all of their money over the last month from the stock market, with 40 percent of those individuals moving their assets to money market accounts, a trend that has continued throughout the year.

Other key findings from the survey include:

•  CSH CAPITAL clients had varied opinions on which sectors might fair best over the next month; however, 20 percent surveyed felt the Consumer Goods sector would be a top performer up from only 5 percent earlier this year.

•  Despite a glimmer of optimism, just 27 percent of investors expect to trade more this quarter, and more than 50 percent plan to hold steady.

•  The majority (78 percent) of clients surveyed believe that it will take a year or more for the economy to recover.

•  Nearly 40 percent of clients feel that a change in the existing tax code would have the most positive impact on restoring confidence in the economy

•  Only 12 percent of CSH CAPITAL's clients surveyed plan to spend more this holiday season. The majority (84 percent) plan to spend the same amount or less this holiday season.

CSH CAPITAL is a reputed Hong Kong financial services and investment group. Promoted by a family of well-known professionals such as Chartered Accountants and MBAs, the group, has enjoyed patronage of a large number of valued customers and business partners since inception. High standards of service with true professionalism have been woven into the fabric of the company.


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