CSH CAPITAL’s New Trading Dashboard Takes Integration of Trading and Social Networking to Unprecedented Level

Released on: September 13, 2012, 5:09 am
Industry: Financial

Clients Benefit From Customized “At-a-Glance” Data to Inform Trading Strategies

-- /EPR NETWORK/ -- CSH CAPITAL today rolled out an innovative trading dashboard that fully integrates a client's trading activities with the advanced social media functionality of its Trader Network community. Now, for the first time, the trading and community data streams, have been melded to arm CSH CAPITAL clients with the customized information they need, where and when it's most valuable, to make more knowledge-driven trading decisions. In addition, the firm launched a set of user interface (UI) enhancements for its Trader Network social community, based directly on client feedback and preferences.

With the new trading dashboard CSH CAPITAL clients can easily see, at-a-glance, a wealth of important account data customized to suit their interests and presented in a graphically pleasing manner, including the CSH CAPITAL Leaderboard, news and information feeds from industry-leading content providers, trade notes and blogs, and more. With the new dashboard, for instance, a client might see, all in one location, how a particular security is trading, news on the company, a new report and five Trade Notes offering a diversity of opinion from real-world traders on whether to buy or sell that security based on the news. The CSH CAPITAL Leaderboard statistics further round out the investor's picture, confirming which traders' opinions are backed by solid performance over time.

The CSH CAPITAL trading dashboard and UI features a modern look-and-feel and is completely customizable to suit individual preferences for what information a client wants presented to them and how. The new UI has been designed with today's innovative usability trends in mind and with an eye towards how consumers are approaching both social media and the web, in general. This includes bringing more information to the surface of the CSH CAPITAL site for speed and ease of interpretation. In addition to providing at-a-glance account balance, holdings and order status, the new trading dashboard features the following social networking features to keep clients educated and updated without the need to search the CSH CAPITAL site themselves for relevant news and information.

CSH CAPITAL is a reputed Hong Kong financial services and investment group. Promoted by a family of well-known professionals such as Chartered Accountants and MBAs, the group, has enjoyed patronage of a large number of valued customers and business partners since inception. High standards of service with true professionalism have been woven into the fabric of the company.


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