SGHS Charitable Super-Specialty hospital launches “Keep the Doctor Away” Program to make India healthier

Released on: February 27, 2014, 1:23 pm (EST)
Industry: Healthcare

• Most of the diseases in early stages are simple in nature and are avoidable
• Awareness is the key to a healthy life
• Health has become an expensive purchasable commodity

Sohana, Ajitgarh, Chandigarh, Punjab, -- /EPR NETWORK/ -- Shri Guru Harkrishan Sahib Charitable Super-Specialty Hospital, Sohana has launched its “Keep the Doctor Away” Programme to make India and the region Healthier. The programme is aimed at providing and promoting healthier and prosperous living as the hospitals are overloaded, infrastructure is limited and a large segment of the society cannot afford the health care expenses. People often are unaware of the precautions that need to be taken while dealing with disorders so as to avoid the turning of manageable ailments into chronic diseases.

Many diseases are manageable at initial stage if proper care is taken but lack of awareness turn them into chronic diseases. Today’s generation is so busy in shaping their career and future while working that often even basic guidelines are ignored. Regular exercise, balanced diet and a fair amount of exercise are some of the important ingredients to this. If certain precautions are followed, most of the basic ailments can be kept miles away.

Hospitals in India, whether government or private, are already over-burdened and the number of patients is growing with every passing day, besides, making healthcare accessible and affordable is a global challenge which requires a unique approach. We, at SGHS Charity Multi-Specialty Hospital, are at work for a healthier India through continuous patient education & awareness programs. Being a premier charity healthcare multi-specialty hospital of the region, we felt it our responsibility to do something to address the problem. We have, therefore, launched a unique initiative, namely, “Keep the Doctor Away” for the benefit of patients.

The initiative includes :
- Assessing the impact we can make to the under-served population and arriving at a solution
- Identifying unmet and un-voiced needs in the areas of patient education and healthcare awareness
- Iterative and immersive creation of solutions using an open innovation concept to serve the under-served areas
- Various departments in the hospital shall start issuing a “Free Medical Advisory” in layman language for the benefit of patients.
- The Free Medical Advisory will be issued every Saturday and will be shared with the media
- The Free Medical Advisory will be uploaded in our website with a link to it at the Home Page itself and will also be available at our Facebook page and the blog
- The Free Medical Advisory will be shared with various online news and medical portals so that it is accessible globally for the benefit of the suffering humanity.

Dr Gagandeep Singh Sachdeva, CEO, SGHS Charitable Multi-Specialty Hospital said, “Senior experts at SGHS Charitable Hospital will issue Free Medical Advisories on how to avoid situations like Bypass Surgery, Complications of Diabetes mellitus, Total knee replacement, total hip replacement, Cervical spondylosis, Lumbar spondylosis, Chronic Renal failure, Essential hypertension, GERD, Anxiety neurosis etc. etc. turn by turn every week.”

“We firmly believe that the idea of free medical advisory will be an added benefit to the healthcare ecosystem. This unique service will put the unserved patients at the centre of healthcare innovation”, added Dr. Sachdeva.

Health has, unfortunately, become a purchasable and an expensive commodity. It is far better a solution to be aware and keep the doctor away by following a healthy lifestyle and simple exercise regime. After a certain amount of experience a person is able to give back to society, but by the time, one feels that he has “arrived” he starts losing his vigour because of various ailments. The initiative ‘Keep the Docotor Away’ will enable people to become healthy, stay healthy, enjoy life and be able to do good for the society. ***

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