Infinx announces its state of readiness to process new orders with dedicated team of trained and nationally licensed pharmacy technicians

Released on: April 03, 2014, 7:17 am (EDT)
Industry: Healthcare

San Jose, CA, -- /EPR NETWORK/ -- Infinx Services, one of the leading providers of pharmacy management solutions, announced its complete readiness to service LTC Pharmacies with a trained and nationally licensed team of new order entry professionals today.

This newly formed team of professionals has proven experience across multiple pharmacy practice management systems including QS1, Framework, DocuTrack, Prodigy's PROscript 2000 and also includes professionals that are licensed in specific states and have proven new order entry expertise.

Infinx understands the staffing mechanism required to scale-up projects in order to deliver high quality pharmacy management solutions to LTC pharmacies with quick ramp-up time. To meet critical ramp up timelines for its clients, Infinx has built a robust staffing platform accelerating performance and scalability to deliver large volumes and high levels of productivity. "The two critical factors in serving LTC pharmacies is the on demand ramp-up and high volume of work. We understand these two critical factors and have implemented best practices to balance these two factors, thus meeting our customer's expectations", says Hiren Kulkarni, CEO, Infinx Services.

To further grow this team, Infinx implements flexible resource management model to deliver trained and licensed professionals with right skills who can work full-time, part-time, on weekends or hourly basis to meet desired level of production requirements.

About Infinx
Infinx is a Global Business Process Management & Technology solutions company providing integrated portfolio of outsourcing solutions in areas of Healthcare RCM, Pharmacy, Document Management, IT and SAP. Headquartered in San Jose, California, Infinx focuses on delivery high quality healthcare & technology solutions to its clients across the globe.

Infinx combines Service Delivery Excellence, Subject Matter Expertise and Analytics and BI Tools to deliver business value to the clients through its entire spectrum of services.

Over years, with strong focus on business intelligence tools, Infinx has been successfully developing various decision making IT tools and applications for its various healthcare clients across the globe.

With strong leadership, subject matter experts and unified service delivery model, Infinx has a strong record of serving over 100+ clients in the Healthcare and IT space.

With over 3000+ employees globally and 5 world-class delivery centers in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Chennai , Burgur & Hyderabad in India; Infinx stands as a trusted partner to US Providers, Medical Billing Companies, Hospitals, LTC Pharmacies delivering Mission Critical Solutions with 24x7x365 operational reliability.

Contact-Details: Infinx Services
4340 Stevens Creek Blvd.,
Suite 275,
San Jose,
CA 95129

Phone: +1 (408) 404 0500

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