Hair Transplant Clinic in Marbella. FUT, FUE and Tricomplete Hair loss Treatments with Dr. Panno

Released on: September 30, 2014, 3:33 pm (EDT)
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LMálaga, Spain, September 30, 2014 -- /EPR NETWORK/ -- Falling hair? Don’t suffer alopecia silently, hair transplant is the only solution.

Whether it is FUT, FUE or Tricomplete at Dr Panno´s hair transplant clinic in Marbella we will find the right treatment for you. Hair transplant is the ever increasing choice for people suffering from hair loss, and at our clinic on the Costa del Sol Dr Panno has been consulting and treating men and women for many years.

The science and technology behind hair transplant has evolved dramatically over the past decade and now treating patients isn’t something for only the rich and famous.

It has been reported that cosmetic surgery for men has become extremely popular over the last few years and the media hype around hair transplants has pushed up sales as celebrities are admitting having the procedure done. If you are thinking about having a hair transplant there are many things to consider and you need to take time to research and really work out if it is right for you. Here are the two most popular techniques which cater for different problems.

FUE - Follicular unit extraction:
Follicular extraction (FUE) is minor surgery which depending on the number of grafts the patient needs can be done in one or two days. It is a very technically skilled procedure that needs a highly qualified surgeon and a skilled team of technicians. The donor area is shaved and the surgeon uses a small punch handle which delicately cuts around each hair follicle. This is then removed with forceps by his team who then take the hairs away and trim them and prepare them for placing into the recipient site later. Once the correct number of grafts are extracted they are placed in the holes where the hair is needed, the recipient site is specifically designed to mimic the patients natural hair pattern to give the most natural look.

FUT - Follicular unit transplant:
Follicular transplant (FUT) this is also a painless day surgery procedure done under local anesthetic. The patient has the anastetic injected into the donor site which is at the back of the head. Then a strip of skin is taken, usually 1cm-1.5cm in width and can vary from 5cm-30cm in length depending on the amount of follicles needed for the transplant. Once the donor tissue is taken it is given to a team of trained technicians who dissect each graft for placing into the recipient site. This can take from 5-8 hours. Once the grafts are prepared they are then pushed gently into the punch holes made by the surgeon where the new hair is needed.

This is a new exciting hair transplant technique that Dr Panno has designed for advanced cases of alopecia, it is a combination of both FUT and FUE procedures alongside advanced medical treatments. This mega session combined with other vital treatments gives my patients optimum results. The full effect of a transplant takes from 2-12 months to emerge and is a solution for alopecia, previous scars, burns, other surgeries, beards, mustaches and eyebrows.

Finally here are some useful tips to consider when you have decided and are ready to take it further and have a consultation: Research, research and research some more and if you do this through the internet be very cautious as many sites give poor advice.

Many people who want surgery are suffering from self esteem issues, depression and are vulnerable, some transplant companies exploit this and promise you unrealistic results for a very reasonable price, so be wary if the “deal” is too good to be true it usually is. When you have a consultation ask to see some photos and testimonials of previous patients and ask as many questions as you can, the more informed you are the better.

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