Crossrope Announces Launch of All-Surface Indoor and Outdoor Ropes

Released on: October 16, 2014, 10:23 am (EDT)
Industry: Healthcare

Hampton, VA, October 16, 2014 -- /EPR NETWORK/ -- CrossRope, the first-ever interchangeable weighted cable jump rope system, announces the official launch of the All-Surface series this October 2014. Founded and created by active duty Navy pilot, Dave Hunt, Crossrope is the first jump rope that allows users to easily tailor the level of resistance. The All-Surface series introduces two new ropes to the original Elite series line-up, featuring a thicker plastic coating to resist wear and tear from outdoor ground conditions and uneven surfaces.

Featuring seven cable types that each serve a different purpose and with easily adjustable weights that range from two ounces to three pounds, Crossrope’s Elite series provides users with a serious range of high performance workout and training capabilities. These ropes feature a thick wire cable core with a thin plastic coating, ideal for indoor use on non-abrasive surfaces. This thinner coating gives the Elite series top speed and high performance, but is limiting since using them on an uneven surface puts added wear and tear on the ropes.

“I developed the All-Surface series after receiving constructive feedback from my customers,” says Dave Hunt, Founder of Crossrope. “If you aren’t listening to your customers and taking their feedback very seriously, you are not going to build a good brand. I’m excited to launch this new series because I know it’s exactly what Crossrope customers have been asking for and am confident that it will also be appealing to new jumpers that want a great set of jump ropes. While users have loved the Elite series, they also wanted to option to train anywhere, anytime. These ropes will give them the ability to do that.”
The All-Surface series cables are wrapped with a thicker protective coating, allowing for both indoor and outdoor use. The new series offers the same features as the other ropes, with added flexibility to jump on any surface without wearing through the plastic quickly.

There are two ropes in the All-Surface series: the Agility rope (4 Oz.) and the Intensity rope (1 Lb.). The Agility rope is deemed beneficial for all ability levels while the Intensity rope provides a challenge for any jumper wanting a tough, full-body workout. The ropes can be used to supercharge any daily workout regimen or as an intensive training tool for more advanced trainers. The All-Surface series is intended for everyone, but created specifically for those who like to train outdoors.

The All-Surface series ropes can be purchased individually starting at $14.95 or in the combo Burn Set, which includes both the Agility and Intensity ropes plus Rugged handles for $64.95. All Crossrope equipment is available for purchase online at

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About Crossrope
Crossrope was founded in Jacksonville, FL in 2011 by active duty Navy pilot, Dave Hunt. Hunt aimed to create a jump rope that would change the way people think about jump ropes, while fulfilling expectations for high-performance, high quality and innovative exercise equipment. With a goal to specialize in creating the best jump rope for those striving to achieve their own top level of fitness, Hunt created an interchangeable weighted cable jump rope, called Crossrope. Crossrope is an elite breed of new workout equipment dedicated to pushing individuals to new workout possibilities.

Crossrope strives to fuel an invigorating fitness movement by revolutionizing the way people jump rope around the world. Their energetic culture aims to inspire an engaged community to work hard and transform themselves by jumping into better shape.

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