Optim Healthcare Offering Diverse Neurological And Surgical Processes For Healthy Living

Released on: April 03, 2015, 5:00 pm (EDT)
Industry: Healthcare

Savannah, GA., April 03, 2015 -- /EPR NETWORK/ -- Optim Healthcare, a South Georgia based entity is offering wide range of Orthopedics treatment, neurosurgery procedures along with modern cosmetic surgery options. Located in 4 main locations in Georgia, it also operates through a number of satellite locations.

Optim has a team of veteran Orthopedic surgeons, cosmetic surgery specialists and skilled clinical experts to offer patients relief from comprehensive neurological, skeletal and skin disorders. The treatment options cover all parts of body, including muscles, ligaments, bones, spine and tissues. The deployment of physical therapy with advanced surgical procedures is targeted at making patients afflicted with complex spine and neurological ailments return to normalcy.

Co -application of physical therapy with surgery

Optim’s team of expert surgeons and medical experts offer proven physical therapy to facilitate better and faster recuperation to patients undergoing surgical procedures. The Physical Therapists use modern equipment and team approach to aid patients improve core muscles functioning. It helps them, especially elderly lot to cope better with post surgery phase.

Sports Injury treatment expertise

Athletes and sportsmen tend to get injured in certain ways and their injuries need specific medical prevention compared to general ailments. Optim Healthcare has the expertise and team of medical experts to cater to sports related injuries and conditions. The sports injury healing methods cover body parts like hip, knee and shoulders.

Advanced radiology services

To treat men and women from various age groups afflicted with bone, and spine related disorders- performing proper radiology tests are required. Optim has state of the art radiology devices and a team of experts who can execute all types of imaging tests on patients for facilitating proper surgical and medical intervention. It has a College of Radiology accredited MRI facility. The MRI staffs at Optim facilities have certification of American Registry of Radiologic Technologists. They are efficient in carrying out radiology based tests like Fluoroscopy, Ultrasound and CT.

Modern and extensive neurosurgery procedures

Women and men hailing from several age groups can rely on Optim’s range of neurosurgery packages for treating various neurological ailments. The orthopedic and spine surgeons adopt a collaborative approach to treat patients afflicted with orthopedic and neurosurgery based ailments. It eradicates the risk of error and promotes quick recovery. There are some effective, minimally invasive surgery options too. The team can treat conditions like Spinal fractures, ruptured disc and Spondylolisthesis etc.

Extensive and effective orthopedic procedures

While non invasive surgical procedures are gaining traction with both doctors and patients, in some cases performing exhaustive surgeries can be necessary. Optim’s orthopedic experts can carry out complex and exhaustive surgeries including total joint replacement surgery. Its 4 main centers have facilities and medical experts for carrying out Athroscopy, keyhole surgery etc. On top of these, Optim also offers a handy Urgent Care package. This can be a life saver when people get injured at odd hours and require surgery urgently.

The latest plastic surgery procedures

Optim’s expertise is not limited to spinal and neurological ailments alone. Its latest Plastic surgery packages can be used to transform the looks of women and men drastically. The packages like rhinoplasty, tummy tuck, forehead lift are wildly popular with both genders.

About Optim
Optim Healthcare provides the latest in neurological, orthopedic as well as cosmetic surgery procedures at wallet friendly rates. It offers services for both genders and varying age groups. Through its main 4 centers located in Georgia and several satellite locations it caters to thousands of patients throughout the year. Its transparent payment procedure and wide treatment packages ensure each patient can find the right treatment option.




210 East DeRenne Ave.
Savannah, GA 31405
800.827.6536 (Referrals)

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