Breast Cancer Conquered Without Toxic Drugs

Released on: October 31, 2007, 1:20 pm

Press Release Author: Julia Dwyer Ph.D.

Industry: Healthcare

Press Release Summary: New website provides information on treatments that
selectively target cancer cells

Press Release Body: Fabrizio Taliano MD, Ph.D., senior oncologist and surgeon, is an
Italian research scientist, who is bringing a revolution to the field of breast
cancer care. Dr. Taliano states in no uncertain terms that any breast cancer
treatment that does not carry its anti-cancer substances into the cancer cells in a
selectively targeted fashion, particularly when those substances are toxic to normal
cells, should be declared illegal, and should be abandoned. Considering that
virtually all standard treatments in conventional medicine use non-targeted and
highly toxic chemotherapies, Dr. Taliano\'s statement indicates that the medical
establishment is using wrong and harmful protocols in its treatment of breast

There are several non-toxic protocols, developed by Dr. Taliano, that are being used
by a growing number of holistic physicians to replace the standard procedures.

A breast cancer support group, called Women for Breast Cancer Truth, has opened a
new website on the internet. The site is dedicated to the lectures, articles and
treatment protocols of Dr. Taliano. According to Julia Dwyer Ph.D., director of the
group, there is a growing interest in North America about Dr. Taliano\'s views both
among physicians and patients. \" In Europe, the new protocols are beginning to
replace the standard treatments that are maiming and killing women unnecessarily. In
North America, the new approach is splitting the oncological community into two
factions. Some oncologists embrace the idea of a more humane and more effective
therapy, others resist any change\" , she added.

The address of the website is Dr. Taliano\'s most famous
lectures that have caused an uproar in Europe\'s oncological circles, can be read at
the site. The treatment protocols are described in reports and articles.

For more information, contact Dr. Julia Dwyer at, or
visit .

Web Site:

Contact Details: Julia Dwyer Ph.D.
Director, Women for Breast Cancer Truth

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