Released on: December 12, 2007, 2:45 am

Press Release Author: Avi Lasarow

Industry: Healthcare

Press Release Summary: Over half of heavy drinking parents underestimate, or lie
about, their consumption of alcohol, according to the first large-scale scientific
survey using hair samples.

Press Release Body: London, UK ( ExpressPressRelease ) - 10th December 2007, Over
half of heavy drinking parents underestimate, or lie about, their consumption of
alcohol, according to the first large-scale scientific survey using hair samples.

The hair samples were collected from 200 parents of young children from across the
UK, with an equal split between mothers and fathers and an average age of 33.
Through chemical markers absorbed by the hair from alcohol in the bloodstream, the
samples revealed the true drinking habits of donors over a six month period. These
amounts were compared to estimates of how much the donors had admitted to drinking.
The exercise, conducted by Trimega
, shows:

. 81% of donors claimed to be drinking below the alcohol misuse limit (7.5 units of
alcohol or 60 g of pure alcohol per day)
. However 43% of samples tested positive to be above this level
. Of these, 44% admit to being heavy drinkers
. The remaining 56% are in denial

Avi Lasarow, managing director of Trimega
, commented:
"Alcohol misuse has, up until now, been very difficult to measure because patients
don't always come clean with their doctors and then liver function tests, even when
accurate, only relate to recent consumption. Hair alcohol tests are revolutionary
because they\'re not only a foolproof footprint but can also track a history going
back months or even years if required. We can now paint a much more accurate picture
of society's dependence on alcohol so that its associated problems can be tackled
more efficiently."

Although relatively new, hair alcohol testing is fast-becoming the preferred method
of determining someone's alcohol history. There are many applications where there
are benefits of knowing for sure whether someone has an alcohol problem or not.
These include:

. Child custody cases
. Probation service for alcohol offences
. Safety critical employment
. Proof of responsibility, eg corporate leaders, armed forces etc
. Alcohol treatment programmes
. Screening people in clinical trials
. Suitability for surgery
. Diagnostic tool in company medicals.

Jim Campbell, a former Home Office forensic scientist, added:
"This new type of screening is the most important development in alcohol testing for
a decade and this study is, without doubt, the largest and most accurate of its
kind. Alcoholism is as prevalent in the UK as diabetes and it can affect anybody.
Effective treatment always starts with testing and this method is the perfect way to
identify those with the greatest need."

About Trimega Laboratories

Trimega Laboratories, established in 2005
has rapidly become a leading provider of substance misuse testing and is focused on
the development and marketing of innovative substance misuse testing products and
services. It provides reliable and confidential hair drug and alcohol testing
products for Regulatory Bodies, Solicitors, Courts and Local Authorities, German
Consulate and Drivers' License Agencies. Trimega Laboratories has been certified to
ISO 9001 for the provision of clinical testing services for substances of abuse by
LRQA which is a UKAS accredited body. Also visit www.trimegalabs.co.uk

Further information:
Nick Heath (Ink PR) 020 7978 0831 / Nick@inkpr.com
Avi Lasarow (Trimega Laboratories) 0845 388 0124 / Avi@trimegalabs.com


Web Site: http://www.trimegalabs.co.uk/

Avi Lasarow, Managing Director
Telephone 0845 388 0124

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