Daily Mail features men`s skin care products at buyOrganics

Released on: January 31, 2008, 2:03 am

Press Release Author: Sonia Kalia-Sagoo

Industry: Healthcare

Press Release Summary: As buyOrganics adds Eselle Organics, the latest Soil
Association certified men's skin care line to its on-line store, Rosie Boycott in
the Daily Mail Weekend magazine last Saturday (January 17th) also featured the
website as one of the best on-line stores to purchase organic men's skincare
products, and looked at why men should be looking at the ingredients in these
products for the sake of their health and the environment.

Press Release Body: From toothpaste to skin creams, shaving foams, deodorants and
hair gels, right through to hair dyes, aftershaves and shampoos, men are putting
more and more different products onto and into their bodies on a daily basis.
Whilst the average woman uses 12 different toiletry products per day, applying over
175 chemical compounds to her body, the average man applies a little less than this,
but with men's skincare a rapidly growing market, they are fast catching up with
some men I know using a great deal more.

Whilst anti-smoking remedies such as nicotine patches flag up the fact that 60 per
cent of what we put onto our skin is absorbed into our bloodstreams, the connection
between this and the slathering of face, hair and body with lotions and potions on a
daily basis seems to go unheeded. Men are often not aware that their favourite
products can contain harmful ingredients linked in studies to causing certain
cancers and affecting fertility. Some products can contain "gender bending" toxins
which can affect hormones and have even been linked to feminisation of baby boys.

There is a solution however - organic men's grooming and personal care products are
the ideal- not just for the male skin but also the environment, as organic
ingredients are grown, harvested and produced with respect for nature and without
pesticides, fertilizers or genetic modification. More and more brands are becoming
available - such as Miessence, Spiezia, Earthbound Organics, EcoSopia, Green People
and a new totally organic and paraben-free range of specialist products just for
men, Eyre Biobotanics - all of which have been carefully chosen by specialist UK
organic on-line store buyOrganics (www.buyorganics.co.uk). Recent addition Eselle
Organics uses only the most nutritionally rich, pure organic, skin-enhancing
ingredients which make your skin and hair look and smell good without the adverse
effects that other man-made chemicals are suspected of.

The core ingredient in Eselle Organics products is sea buckthorn - an incredible oil
which contains 190 nutritional compounds as well as the rare Omega 7 fatty acid.
Eselle's anti ageing properties and cell and tissue regenerative qualities makes it
suitable for a wide variety of skin conditions, with amazing formulations but at a
cost which is highly accessible to the general public.

Organic men's skin care products certainly have the ingredients to do a better job
than their non-organic counterparts, which is great news for men's bodies inside and
outside - and the ranges available are packaged just as attractively for a male
audience - meaning they are a welcome addition to any man's bathroom shelf, not just
for his skin and well-being, but the environment as a whole.

Web Site: http://www.buyorganics.co.uk

Contact Details: 54 Broadcroft Avenue
07852 906 458

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