Rotating Platform Flexion (RPF) an alternative for knee implants - Dr Chittaranjan Ranawat

Released on: January 24, 2008, 9:01 pm

Press Release Author: Deepthi Kumar

Industry: Healthcare

Press Release Summary: Dr. Chittaranjan Ranawat designed Rotating Platform Flexion
(RPF), an improvement over the existing knee implants, allows users to bend knee up
to 150 degrees, allowing patients to enjoy the simple joys of sitting cross-legged,
squatting and kneeling to pray

Press Release Body: Dr. Ranawat speaks to a media about RPF, and he stated that RPF
is the latest flexible artificial knee joint to hit the capital\'s medical market.
Rotating Platform Flexion (RPF) is the biggest technological advancement in knee
replacement surgeries in recent times. RPF accommodates rotation in deep knee
flexion to ensure implant stability and long life. Non obese patients are the ideal
candidates for RPF and they have knee in retaining their flexible knees. RPF is made
by superior plastic material and it does not wear out easily due to rotating
mechanism, which ensures unrestricted movement of the polyethylene platform. Coming
with a longer use guarantee, the RPF costs between Rs. 1.5 lakhs and Rs. 1.8 lakhs
for the implant and procedure.

RPF is used for more than 29 patients and it results best. RPF comes as an
interesting alternative to provide greater range of movements and lesser wear and
tear than the conventional model. RPF is affordable for any orthopaedic patient with
knee pain, and helps to lead their life with normal range of joint movements. Check
with the following link to know more on RPF design by Dr. Chittaranjan Ranawat and

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