The Self Improvement Blog Announces Its `Outta the Box` Campaign

Released on: January 6, 2008, 8:24 am

Press Release Author: Irene Conlan

Industry: Healthcare

Press Release Summary: The Self Improvement Blog Announces Its "Outta the Box"
Campaign The Self Improvement Blog Announces Its "Outta the Box" Campaign to help
Reward your employees who save you money and time and are
creative and forward thinking.

Press Release Body: Scottsdale, Arizona. January 6, 2008 The Self Improvement Blog
announces its "Outta the Box" campaign. A design that declares "I'm Outta the Box"
or "I'm Getting Outta the Box in 2008" is available for individuals who want to
declare that they are one-of-a-kind and for employers who want to reward employees
for being creative and forward thinking - who aren't afraid to excel and stand out
in the crowd of employees.

The graphics "I'm Outta the Box" and "I'm Getting Outta the Box in 2008" are
available on a variety of golf and tee shirts for men and women. They are also
available on mousepads, totes, BBQ aprons, and mugs and can be ordered in quantities
from 1 to 1,000,000 or more. You can see these by going to and clicking on the red STORE button.

Declare 2008 the "Outta the Box" year in your company and make "Outta the Box" items
sought-after rewards for job performance. They are an ideal reward for someone who
finds ways to save the company money, to do a better job in less time, to design a
new product or find ways to improve existing products. They are ideal for companies
who value creativity rather than conformity.

About Us

The Self improvement blog was created for people who want to do better, be better
and achieve more. The Self Improvement Blog is designed to give down-to-earth
information and encouragement in all areas of self help - stress relief, self
esteem, time management, self image, anger management, and many other self help
areas. You can find the blog at "Outta the
Box" was designed by Irene Conlan, who created The Self Improvement blog. Irene is
an R.N. with a masters degree in nursing and is a certified hypnotherapists and
ordained minister in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Web Site:

Contact Details: Contact: Irene Conlan
7231 E. Cambridge Ave
Scottsdale, Az 85257
Phone: 480-451-6742

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