5 Tips to Win Over Stress

Released on: February 17, 2008, 8:39 pm

Press Release Author: Mei Galang

Industry: Healthcare

Press Release Summary: It is important to face that you are undergoing a stressful
situation and come up with an immediate plan to resolve it. The article gives 5 tips
to win over stress and live a happier life.

Press Release Body: Stress can be caused by almost anything around us, traffic, job,
lack of money, family and the list goes on. Some can handle stress well and remain
calm while others need to release it to start functioning well again. For both
cases, it is important to face that you are undergoing a stressful situation and
come up with an immediate plan to resolve it. Simply ignoring it will not make it go
away, rather it can haunt you in the future. There are medical studies that proves
that psychological stress can add up to the immune-related disease that can make you
very sick.

1. Know your problem. The first step is knowing your enemy and acknowledge that you
are undergoing a
fight over stress. Then you need to determine the type of stress that you are
dealing with. There are two basic types, long term and acute stress. A long term
stress is the stress that you endure daily, everything that you encounter in your
life can add up to this. On the otherhand, acute stress is caused by more specific
events like a recent fight with your mother or an accident. Both type of stress can
affect your health in the long run so you need to determine the root of this worries
and find specific means to eliminate it.

2. Find ways to eliminate the root of your stress. After accepting that you have a
problem you should further evaluate yourself and what causes these stress. Is it
family related? Is it about your Job? A debt problem perhaps. After determining the
root of your stress, think of ways how you can eliminate this to change the
situation. Fix that family problem, get a new job or hold a garage sale. There's
always a solution to any problem, the key is to not give up until you find that
3. Take time to smell the roses. Living in a fast paced routine can build up stress
that is more than you can handle. It wouldnt hurt to take things slow and take
control of your life as well as the situations that you're getting into. There's no
need to rush so take your time and live a little. Learn to be carefree once in a
while so that you can appreciate what you have right now instead of always running
for what you want.

4. Set aside a "me" time. Add a "me" time in your daily routine wherein for few
minutes you forget everything that you worry about. Reflect on how have you changed
throughout the years, what goals have
you accomplished so far and what will you do today, next month or this year to
further achieve your other

5. Satisfy your adventurous bone. Do different things once in a while since a daily
routine can make you
feel bored. move out of your circle and try new things that can spice up your live.

People will always encounter stressful situation that can make life harder but in a
way spice up your daily routine. You should not ignore it rather face it and come up
with a solution to eliminate the root of your stress because there's so many things
to do in life than be stressed.

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