Intravenous Treatment For Drug and Alcohol Addiction Begins Focus Towards Expansion

Released on: February 15, 2008, 3:16 pm

Press Release Author: Tamea Sisco / Excel Treatment Program

Industry: Healthcare

Press Release Summary: Possibilities for Recovery Broaden

Press Release Body: Tamea Sisco, certified addictionologist , scientific advisor,
and clinical director of Excel Treatment Program has announced that she and Excel
will begin to intensify their focus towards the expansion of "Tigers" treatment.
"There is no doubt that this incredible therapy has literally saved thousands of
lives." States Sisco, "We feel that it is our obligation to make this breakthrough
treatment available to as many people who suffer with the agony of addiction as we
possibly can."
"Tigers" (or TGGRS) stands for Third Generation Genetic Repair System (patent
pending). The treatment has been generating a greater than 80% success rate for the
clients of Excel.
The Treatment focuses on an obscure brain cell receptor found in the human brain
which are a subclass of the super family of receptors called G-protein coupled
receptors, which are made from amino acids.
"The specific receptor in question which is damaged in addiction is made up of 466
amino acids and found on the surface of only one in a million brain cells." Explains
Sisco, "By administering the correct peptides and amino acids, in the correct
proportion to repair this receptor, we are able to control addiction cravings."
While the current localized availability of the therapy has been frustrating to
many, it hasn't stopped everyone who has wished to benefit from it's effects. Those
with addictions ranging from alcoholism to prescription drug addiction have traveled
to Denver, Colorado from around the country, even internationally to undergo the
outpatient treatment consisting of ten to twenty painless intravenous drips. Each
session lasts between 3 and 4 hours, with supportive modalities being administered
"We are excited about the idea of making this opportunity for recovery accessible
everyone. And with these first steps, we hope to make this vision a reality."

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Contact Details: Excel Treatment Program
1660 S. Albion St. Ste. 420
Denver, Co. 80222

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