Revolutionary Europlate Vibration Exercise Machine Launched in the USA from Fitness Equipment Manufacturer VibraSlim

Released on: February 25, 2008, 1:57 am

Press Release Author: Chris Jackson

Industry: Healthcare

Press Release Summary: VibraSlim Fitness Equipment has launched their new 2008
Europlate vibration exercise fitness machine. The new Europlate has a completely new
advanced design and fitness functions.

Press Release Body: Vancouver,B.C,February,25,2008 -- The new Europlate now features
surgical rubber exercise straps that greatly improve upper body training results.
VibraSlim over the past four years has become the number one name in vibration
exercise equipment by producing the highest quality fitness equipment and still
making their units affordable. VibraSlim provides vibration plate equipment to
doctors, hospitals, clinics, spas, gyms, trainers, professional athletes and
everyday people.

Vibration training, which originated in Europe, has been gaining momentum and being
integrated into daily routines by top universities, NFL teams, medical centers, gyms
and celebrities alike for the past four years in the USA. This advanced technology
allows you to burn fat and cellulite, increases Human Growth Hormone, build muscle
strength, increase metabolism, build bone density, and improve flexibility.
Vibration training has been adopted by users of all ages and health levels because
it is a very flexible and enjoyable way to get in shape. Whether you are in top
shape, haven't workout out in years or need therapy for an injury or disability,
vibration exercise can help in ways traditional exercise can not.

How Does Vibrating Training Work :
Whole Body Vibration uses the application of variable vibrating frequencies on the
entire body's muscular, skeletal, organ, glandular and nervous systems. These
vibrations range from 1 hertz to as high as 45 hertz depending on the type of
vibration machine used. These vibration frequencies have various effects on body
functions. Typically in Whole Body Vibration, lower frequencies are very effective
for strength training, warming up and cooling down while higher frequencies are
usually used for massage and increasing blood circulation to peripheral body
tissues. Whole Body Vibrations are created by a mechanically vibrating platform and
transmitted up the body through the feet or hands which are in contact with the
vibrating plate. The body automatically adjusts to these mechanical stimuli by
responding with a stretch reflex. This stretch reflex that occurs in the muscles is
actually a reflexive adjustment that is occurring in the brain. Consequently, Whole
Body Vibration causes the brain to train in a way that induces a neuro-regenerative
effect. In other words, the brain is rejuvenated and restored to a healthier state
of function.
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Chris Jackson
VibraSlim Fitness
Vancouver, B.C. Canada

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