TFS Enterprises Asks `Do You Have the Heart to Discipline Your Puppy`

Released on: February 27, 2008, 3:15 am

Press Release Author: Dr. Mayra Alfonso

Industry: Healthcare

Press Release Summary: "Disciplining a Puppy is Important to its Health and

Press Release Body: TFS Enterprises provides a successful internet site loaded with
fresh and valuable information for dog lovers. They continue their quest to provide
resourceful information for pet owners. TFS Enterprise's website contains a plethora
of information for pet owners which has proven to be of great assistance in ultimate
pet care.

TFS Enterprises offers information to its readers on puppy training. "The only way
your puppy will learn what incorrect behavior is if you discipline him when it
performs an undesirable activity," says Dr. Mayra Alphonso of TFS Enterprises. Puppy
owners need to understand the importance of effective training tools. TFS
Enterprises tells readers the only way their puppy will understand it is performing
undesirable behavior is through proper discipline. TFS Enterprises stresses to the
readers the need to employ proper techniques like using a spray water bottle in lieu
of hitting the puppy.

TFS Enterprises advises readers to begin training their puppy immediately in order
to achieve maximum results. Any habits not corrected while a puppy will have to be
corrected later on in the dog's adult life. Therefore TFS Enterprises encourages
readers to begin training immediately upon adopting. TFS Enterprises tells readers
to show the puppy love and affection simultaneously with discipline. They also
recommend utilizing training schools if financially feasible because the rewards are
worth the investment. TFS Enterprises offers more information on its website

More Information about TFS Enterprises
TFS Enterprises created by Dr. Mayra Alphonso to inform pet owners with the most up
to date information to assist in pet ownership. The website provides cool
information for dog lovers looking to empower themselves with valuable information.
Tips and tools for dog lovers and owners are available on the website

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Mayra Alphonso
TFS Enterprises
T: 866-252-1317

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Contact Details: TFS Enterprises
112 A 16th Ave. S,
Surfside Beach,
SC, 29575,
T: 866-252-1317

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