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Released on: March 22, 2008, 3:30 am

Press Release Author: Anagha

Industry: Healthcare

Press Release Summary: Burning-Calories.com is a newly launched website which
provides you the tips on burning your extra accumulated calories and fat. It
provides the wonderful and easy tips, which if sincerely followed can greatly help
you to burn calories faster.

Press Release Body: Bangalore, India 22st March 2008 --- Anagha has been a dietitian
for several years. She has personally tried many easy tips and provided the same in
her newly created website Burning Calories.com.

Her aim is to help people who are finding difficult to burn their extra accumulated

It is not so easy to loose weight because of the fact that, both gaining and losing
weight is ironical to each other. One is simple to achieve and the other is quite
difficult to accomplish. Increasing your calories per day is not at all a difficult
task especially after a certain age.

Here are some of the tips provided by Anagha on her website:

1. Aerobics: The Best Way To Burn Your Calories: - Increasing strength through
Aerobics will transform your body to a more improved version. You will not only look
pretty like movie stars, but also able to complete your tasks without getting tired
easily. All this can be achieved by aerobic exercises that need not essentially be
done at gym only. You can do them all at your home.

2. Spinning Helps In Burning Calories And It Is Also Good For Heart And Lungs: - Are
you thinking of losing weight? Are you thinking of having great legs? And do you
want to have fun while achieving these results? If your answer to the above
questions is yes, then spinning is what you need to do. Many people after trying
many cardio exercises and all types of exercises have collectively come to a
conclusion that spinning is the best way to lose weight and get a great figure.

3. Burning Calories Through Consuming Ice Cold Water :- You can actually lose
calories by drinking ice cold water. Your body loses calories in the process of
warming this ice cold water to the body temperature. Now you must surely be
thinking, if we can lose weight by drinking ice water, can we lose a large amount of
calories if we drink lots of ice water? The answer is yes.

4. Burn Calories: Stay Fit And Fine By Eating Right:- To lose weight there are two
simple ways. You can either lose weight by taking in lesser calories, or you can
shed a few pounds by burning calories. If you want to lose weight, then cutting down
calories, makes a lot of sense. Many more in the website.

These are the wonderful tips which will surely give you the perfect shape you have
always been looking for. Not to forget, the attention and confidence that will soon
become a part of your exciting personality.

Roll over your mouse to the website Burning-Calories.com, get the awesome tips to
burn your unwanted calories.

Web Site: http://www.burning-calories.com

Contact Details:
#77, NR Towers, 2nd Floor,
100 Feet Road, Banashankari 3rd Stage,
Bangalore - 560085, Karnataka, India.
Phone: (080) 26722344
E-mail: calories.burning@gmail.com
URL: http://www.burning-calories.com

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