Roger Haeske Discovers Fountain of Youth Available to Everyone

Released on: March 25, 2008, 1:55 am

Press Release Author: Roger Haeske

Industry: Healthcare

Press Release Summary: "There is a True Fountain of Youth, Raw Food Diet is the

Press Release Body: Roger Haeske shares his experience with depression and panic
attacks which were cured when he found the Fountain of Youth. With years of
experience and expertise utilizing what Roger claims as the Fountain of Youth anyone
wishing to beat anti-aging, fatigue, weight loss, and improve self esteem. Roger
Haeske explains that a raw food diet is the absolute answer to discovering the
Fountain of Youth.

Roger Haeske explains his own personal experience with depression, arthritis, and
panic attacks after graduating from college. "When I entered into the reality of the
real world after college, I became severely depressed and was diagnosed with
arthritis. I tried many things but nothing helped," says Roger Haeske. After six and
a half years of struggling with depression, anxiety and arthritis Roger found his
Fountain of Youth. Roger changed his eating habits tremendously. By incorporating a
raw food diet regimen Roger was feeling better than ever in twenty four hours. The
raw food diet not only eliminated the depression but it also helped Roger get rid of

Roger Haeske found the Fountain of Youth with the raw food diet, he now feels and
looks like a twenty year old at the age of forty. Roger says everyone can find the
same Fountain of Youth by incorporating the raw food diet in their lives. The raw
food diet consists of raw fruit and vegetables, nuts and even avocados. The benefits
of the raw food diet include weight loss, anti-aging, fatigue, weight loss with an
ultimate benefit of improved self esteem. More information is available on the

More Information Roger Haeske:
I\'ve been working in this business full time about 2.5 years or so. I\'ve been
involved with the Raw Food Diet for about 11 years. My primary goal is to help
people to unleash their full physical, mental and spiritual potentials. I help them
with these goals via teaching them about the Raw Food Diet, fitness and
self-improvement information. One of my goals is to become the most inspiring writer
on the planet. Many people learn of the incredible benefits of the raw food diet,
but then have a hard time sticking with it. They have to overcome cooked food
addiction along with pressure from friends, family and a society that isn\'t raw food
friendly. The process of going raw is one of growth and personal development. You
improve your health but also expand your own sense of ability. And it\'s about
overcoming an addiction as powerful as cigarettes, drugs and alcohol.

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Roger Haeske
Super Being Training
T: (732) 254-2386
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Contact Details: Company Name: Superbeing Training
Address: A-1 Riverview Dr.
City: South River
State: NJ
Country: USA
Zip : 8882
Phone: 732-254-2386

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