US Patient Experience In Wockhardt Hospital,India

Released on: March 6, 2008, 2:08 am

Press Release Author: Wockhardt Hospitals

Industry: Healthcare

Press Release Summary: Hassele free Knee Replacement with tender care in Wockhardt

Press Release Body: My name is Essaspenaro, I am from the Campobello area in
Florida USA .I have been here for 2 weeks already ,in the first week I had a total
knee replacement and one week later I had hand surgery to correct the crocket wrist.
I have to say that any apprehension or fear or question that I had before coming
here as been totally totally adhered by the staff.And every concern of mine was
given importance. I had many many operations more than 40 in the past 20 years
because of womentordafrides and I can tell you this no comparison to the care that I
have received in US and what I am receiving here in Wockhardt. It is quite a
surprise to see such caring people such wonderful dedicated staff and every one
working together and coordinating their efforts every one always knows what's going
on no one is there in the dark every one coordinates with each other and informs
each other and it's the best health care I have ever received in my life and believe
me I can speak from experience the doctors here are very very consciousness instead
of just coming in for a minute or two and you having to try and remember everything
that you want to ask them because they are on their way out again. They stay they
linger they check with you to see if you have any concerns. They ask are you
comfortable or any other concerns that you have they check their time they are not
always on a rush to leave which is what I am used to but the doctors here are first
rate they know what they are doing they are very dedicated and very talented over
there the Wockhardt hospitals the patient is number 1 and I can assure you if any
one is thinking of doing this put all you apprehensive inside and from wherever you
are coming from and what ever your problem be assured that they can take care here
at Wockhardt Hospitals.

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Wockhardt Hospital,159/9,Bannerghatta Road,Opp.IIMB,Bangalore,India
560076.Ph No.91 -80-66214444

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