Bergen County`s Top Aesthetic Consultant Stephanie Popper Helps Countless Women Feel Better About Themselves by Giving Advice On Everything From Non Surgical Facial Rejuvenation to The Complexities of Plastic Surgery

Released on: April 9, 2008, 11:14 am

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Industry: Healthcare

Press Release Summary: Stephanie Popper answers her clients\' most frequently asked

Press Release Body: Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey - April 9, 2008 Countless women
feel better about themselves these days and they have Aesthetic Consultant Stephanie
Popper to thank. Popper is a beauty expert practicing in the tri-state area where
she's has established herself as the "Beauty Diva" in guiding those who want to look
and feel their best. She consults her clients on everything from skin-care to non
surgical facial rejuvenation and she walks them through the complexities of plastic

What sets Stephanie apart from other consultants? Stephanie is honest and passionate
about her knowledge. She won't sell her clients on unnecessary procedures. "One of
my favorite things is actually telling someone when NOT to have a procedure done,"
said Popper.

As part of her extensive services, Popper helps her clients navigate through the
vast array of treatments and procedures that will insure them the best results. She
also works with doctors in determining the best course of action for her clients who
may be confused and overwhelmed by various doctors, services and med spas. Working
as part of a team, Popper will make sure that the client is informed about the
chosen procedures, comfortable with selected doctors and satisfied with their
aesthetic treatment plan.

"There are so many choices out there. From injectables like Botox, Restlylane,
Perlane, Radiesse, Juverderm to procedures such as microabrasion, dental veneers,
surgical and non surgical eye rejuvenation to more radical solutions such as
face-lift, breast augmentation and liposuction; the choices seem endless and more
confusing for the consumer." Popper noted.

Popper guides a client through all these processes offering the best solutions, not
the hottest trends. Her specialty is helping women discover all aspects of non
surgical facial rejuvenation. As Popper explains, "There is an array of different
products and services out there and not everything is good for everyone. Every
person has a different skin type and texture and for that reason, what may work well
on one person, may not work so well on another."

Popper has had many years of experience in the image enhancement industry. Her
clients include celebrities, socialites and the everyday person who just wants to
enhance their looks.

When is the best time of year to do plastic surgery on the face?

I feel there is no \"best time\" of year, however, the cooler weather is better for
recovery. Yet, I feel the best time to have plastic surgery on the face is when the
client has 2 weeks off for down time for swelling and bruising. Also, it is
important to have a friend or nurse with you for the first 48 hours to help with
aftercare. When you see your friends in 2 weeks and they tell you how great you
look, you can tell them that Monte Carlo was fabulous!
What are some new trends for spring/summer 2008?

Beauty is never trendy. However, I feel the trends for the coming season are:
Individual Eyelash Extensions and Dermal Fillers, such as Hyaluronic Acid, which is
injected into the hand for a more youthful look. Using facial fillers to fill in
hollowing of the face and enhanced cheek bones.
What do you recommend for the best protection from the hot sun?

Obviously, a great sunscreen/moisturizer with a SPF of 15 or higher is my
recommendation. In addition to the sunscreen/moisturizer, applying a Vitamin C gel
will enhance the efficacy of the sunscreen as well as giving you additional benefits
of anti-oxidants. One should avoid any ablative laser treatment, such as removal of
brown spots and facial rejuvenation, which tend to make the skin more sensitive to
the heat and sun. These procedures are best saved for Winter Break! Keep the
following with you at all times: A large brimmed hat and a pair of Chanel

About Stephanie Popper

Stephanie Popper attended Temple University where she studied communications. She
also attended the Fashion Institute of Technology where she majored in Fashion
Management. Popper has studied aesthetics with "advisor to the stars" New York
City-based Charles Laughton.
She trained with Paige Applebaum Farkas, M.D., a renowned cosmetic dermatologist,
studying cosmetic dermatology and laser applications. Popper worked alongside many
dermatologists and plastic surgeons in the New York metropolitan area. Popper is
highly-regarded as a beauty expert by both her clients and Practitioners.

Renowned cosmetic dermatologist Paige Applebaum Farakas, M.D. said of Popper,
"Stephanie has a gifted ability to assess a face for signs of aging and photo damage
and can patiently and thoroughly discuss the options and benefits of all accepted
cosmetic dermatologic alternatives. For more information log on to and for Stephanie's online press kit to set up an appointment with
Stephanie Popper or (201) 978 4690.

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