Complimentary therapies and practitioners for your body

Released on: April 11, 2008, 4:44 am

Press Release Author: Alternative Health Professionals

Industry: Healthcare

Press Release Summary: Alternative health professionals is a NZ based online shop,
offering you the largest range of natural health products, including vitamin
supplements. We also offer natural beauty products, herbal medicines and remedies.

Press Release Body: Now a days mostly people face skin problem. All we have
different kind of skin so the treatment must be different. We help you to get the
best herbal treatment for your skin. When you start shedding the winter layers of
clothing upon spring\'s arrival, you will possibly find your skin and scalp are dry
and flaky, itchy and uncomfortable. Winter weather dries your skin out. You can
bring skin back to a youthful glow by cleansing your body internally and exfoliating
and moisturizing your skin.
At Alternative health professionals you will find information on alternative
treatments for mind body and soul within our articles section, and in our online
store, you will find naturally good products from aromatherapy supplies to herbal
balms and lanolin skincare.
Our all natural herbal supplements are obtained from the herbs proven to be the
richest natural sources of specific essential nutrients and are provided in the
formulation optimal for assimilation by the body. Herbal antioxidants and essential
unsaturated oils are not produced by the body but are required for multiple body
functions and promote immunity to keep away diseases.
The essential oils used in aromatherapy are extracted from many parts of the
aromatic plant: leaves, stems, flowers, seeds, roots, barks, fruits and resins. The
oils are a concentrated form of plant energy possessing the qualities of the
particular plant, and are usually many times more potent than the comparable dried
Our goal is to offer an informed choice, and to link real people with a choice of
treatment providers who can offer help, whether it is spiritually based,
metaphysical, from non-European medical traditions, or newly developed approaches to
healing. This goal is based on a desire to help people find an alternative or
complimentary treatment, which is holistically right for them.

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Contact Details: new zealand, New Zealand

new zealand, New Zealand

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