Medical billing software, medical billing and coding at affordable rates in India

Released on: April 3, 2008, 12:33 am

Press Release Author: Mike Thomas

Industry: Healthcare

Press Release Summary: Medical billing system, medical coding, medical health care
and medical transcription services provided at low cost and high efficiency by
Offshore Medical Billing in India.

Press Release Body: Offshore Medical Billing has provided numerous medical health
care and medical billing services by far. Nowadays Healthcare has become one of the
fastest growing industries in the World! This growth leads many hospitals and
practitioner to outsource their medical billing and reimbursement requirements to
offshore facilities.

Medical billing is the process covering a wide range of activities but the primary
goal of any medical billing company is to process super-bills and submitting medical
claims to insurance companies in order to receive payments for their clients in a
timely manner. We provide accurate medical billing systems with more than years\' of
experience; specialized in services rendered with Medicare, Medicaid and Medical
Our medical coding services are also beneficial to medical health care.

In that Medical Coding is translating medical language into alphanumeric
representations. As the name implies, medical coding is the process of assigning a
numeric value to medical diagnoses, signs and symptoms of disease, poisoning and
adverse effects of drugs, complications of surgery and medical care. These coding
systems serve an important function for physician reimbursement and help you to save
up to 40% to 60% on your medical billing and coding projects.

So if you have any queries regarding medical billing software, medical coding and
transcription, please feel free to contact us at:

Web Site:

Contact Details: Mike Thomas
Offshore Medical Billing
3840 S 191st street
Omaha NE 68130

Contact: 1 646 201 9800
Fax: 1 775 205 3143

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