New `Incense Oven` Produces Smoke-free Incense Enjoyment

Released on: April 16, 2008, 6:14 pm

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Industry: Healthcare

Press Release Summary: New \"Incense Oven\" made available by Author of The Incense
Bible, Kerry Hughes, M.Sc., allows for smoke-free all-natural Incense enjoyment.

Press Release Body: April 17, 2008 - For those who like incense but hate the smoke,
a new incense burner, called the Organo-Leptic Incense Oven, provides all-natural
virtually smoke-free incense enjoyment. Exclusive to the website:, The Organo-Leptic Incense Stove was brought to market by
Kerry Hughes, M.Sc., Author of The Incense Bible (Haworth Press), one of the first
books on incense to focus on natural incense.

The Organo-Leptic Incense Oven is a thick copper bowl that sits atop a copper wire
base on top of a beautiful agate slab. A copper olive oil candle sits below the
bowl, and is reusable simply by adding olive oil from your kitchen. As the bowl
slowly heats up, simply place natural incense resins, like those available at, and enjoy the scent of incense slowly permeating the room
without the production of smoke.

"Natural incense is incense like you probably have never encountered. It consists
of the natural plant parts such as resins, bark and leaves, but it is without the
synthetic additives that most incense contains these days. Most incense you find in
stores are nothing but fragrance dipped onto a sawdust and base that has been glued
together. It is nothing like incense is supposed to be, and is the reason it
irritates many people. Incense stoves are popular by aficionados of natural incense,
such as those who enjoy the Japanese incense ceremony called Koh-Doh, as they burn
the incense slow enough that single notes of fragrance can be identified as they are
released into the air," says Kerry Hughes.

Kerry Hughes, M.Sc., is committed to deepening the relationship between plants and
people, and part of this process is through telling the stories of plants., her consulting company, promotes plant products and traditional
arts that can sustain biodiversity, value traditional knowledge, and help enrich
lives and provide income opportunities to rural people. She is also co-author of the
new book, The Health Professionals\' Guide to Dietary Supplements (Lippincott
Williams & Wilkins, October 2006), and Botanical Medicines: The Desk Reference for
Major Herbal Supplements (Haworth Press). For more information, see:

Web Site:

Contact Details: Kerry Hughes

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