Fighting Hair Loss Through Good Grooming

Released on: May 13, 2008, 5:31 pm

Press Release Author: Mei Galang

Industry: Healthcare

Press Release Summary: It is important to take care of the scalp to have a healthy
hair. The article offers tips for proper hair grooming and care.

Press Release Body: Hair is the fastest growing tissue of the body but only its
roots are actually alive. The long, shiny and visible part are the dead tissues.
It's ironic, right? It is then important to take care of the scalp to have a healthy

The average scalp have 100,000 to 150,000 hair follicles and hairs but most of the
time its alarming to loss few hair strands while brushing it. Hair is actually
strong enough for normal grooming techniques like combing. But aside from genetics,
hair loss, damage, thinning or breakage can be caused by poor grooming techniques.
Below are some tips for proper hair grooming and care.

1. Avoid using fine-toothed combs on wet hair because it can cause breakage.

2. Avoid brushing hair when its wet, basically hair is sensitive when wet so the
pressure applied by brushes can cause hair loss.

3. Do not over brush your dry hair. Although brushing can help stimulate your scalp,
overdoing it can cause more damage than good.

4. Avoid excessive shampooing because your hair can lose natural minerals like
calcium, iron, etc which primarily helps for having a healthy hair.

5. Avoid using dandruff shampoos with Selenium sulfide which causes degeneration of
the liver.

6. Use Natural shampoo to wash hair instead and, choose those with ingredients like
cocamides, chamomile, horsetail, rosemary, aloe vera. These are all proven helpful
and friendly to scalp.

7. Use shampoos with keratin or amino acids, it is a protein substance that hair is
made of. It's main function is to help seal breakages in the follicles.

8. Choose a shampoo with proper PH level, 5.5 is ideal.

9. Avoid using shampoo with conditioners because the 2 serve different functions
and their effectiveness can be diminished because it is combined.

10. When shampooing, its recommended to pour the shampoo into your hands then rub it
to your hair rather than pouring it directly in the hair.

11. Avoid using your fingernails in massaging your hair because it can scratch the
scalp and create a scar.

12. Use warm water to shampoo your hair, it can open the pores then use cold water
to wash so that it can close or bring back the pores into normal size.

13. Use the proper way to brush your wet hair, by blotting the hair with a towel

14. Do not use hairstyles which requires tying your hair too tight. Instead, keep it
in a loose style and less pressured from any tight hair styles like bun or pony

15. Avoid chemical treatments that can harm your health and hair.

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