Non-traditional Approach To Yoga Creates Good Old-Fashioned Community

Released on: May 7, 2008, 4:52 am

Press Release Author: Jenn Davidson Curren+Connections

Industry: Healthcare

Press Release Summary: What do Yoga and Rock-n-roll have in common? Not much,
unless you attend one of Scott Anderson's yoga classes. Anderson\'s non-traditional
approach draws people from all walks of life to the spiritual practice of yoga; and
he\'s got the T-shirt to prove it. MOGA yoga line was created as a witty reminder of
yoga inspired living and to give back to the community.

Press Release Body: A student in Scott Anderson's yoga class told her 30-something
husband that he couldn't stand next to her because he distracted her too much when
he sang and danced.

Huh? (Sound of record scratching)

In yoga class?

Yoga has long been known as a practice that connects and transforms one's mind, body
and spirit. Although yoga has been acceptable in mainstream American culture for
decades, many are still apprehensive of the spirituality that is so deeply rooted
within this ancient practice. At one time, Scott Anderson, a yoga instructor at
Vital Yoga in Denver, was one of those people.

In fact, Anderson candidly admits the reason he attended his first yoga class was to
impress a girl. Soon after his first class, the girl was gone, but the holistic
benefits of yoga were still with him. Now a committed yogi, Anderson is passionate
about spreading the healing benefits of yoga that has the power to transform a
person from the inside out. His mission is clear: to empower people of all walks of
life through the practice of yoga. Realizing the challenge of connecting ancient
yoga practices with pop culture mainstream America, he teaches yoga a bit
differently than the original masters once did. To connect the old with the now,
Anderson combines humor, practical spiritual advice, and of course, a little heavy
metal in his classes. His philosophy about yoga is similar to that of Gene Simmon's
philosophy on rock: "It's about finding who you are."

And what is a great concert, without the T-shirt to prove it?

To show the practicality of yoga in everyday life, Anderson created Moga Yoga (an
acronym for "Mastering One's Greater Awareness"), a label under which he's created a
clothing line that connects spirituality and yoga with a hip, fun perspective.
Transforming ancient deities into approachable, cartoon-like characters and heavy
metal logos like KISS into spirit filled words like bliss, his line is attention
grabbing to say the least.

"I wanted to create a wearable expression of my thoughts and teaching style. I'm
proud of the fact that my designs make people think and smile at the same time."

Anderson's power yoga classes are often so packed that it's hard to find space for a

To accommodate for this growth in community, Anderson is developing another place
for modern, conscious living people to meet, cleverly called the OM Team. It's an
online yoga community where one can receive weekly inspirational quotes that give
fresh (and humorous) perspective on politics, relationships, activism and life.

Despite all the fun in his approach, Anderson is serious about giving back to help
empower others. The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence reports that 1 in 3
women worldwide has been beaten, coerced into sex or otherwise abused during her
lifetime. To help protect women from domestic abuse, Moga Yoga donates a portion of
all proceeds to this worthy cause.

For information about domestic abuse and Moga Yoga, please visit

Web Site:

Contact Details: Scott Anderson
Golden, CO

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