Post-Surgical Products for Plastic Surgery Recovery

Released on: May 21, 2008, 12:08 am

Press Release Author: Michael Smith

Industry: Healthcare

Press Release Summary: The highest quality of plastic surgery recovery products that
includes garments,compression girdles,hospital gowns,men's garments, surgical bras,
scar reduction, gel therapy,and orthopedic pillows, etc.

Press Release Body:
Charleston, SC (May 21, 2008) Healing Enhancements, a dedicated website for plastic
surgery recovery products, has recently displayed a few, post-surgical products for
plastic surgery recovery on its website. "Keeping it simple" has been our motto
since we went online 2004, Michael Smith says the CEO of Healing Enhancements. He
also said that they had meticulously worked to trim down the list of thousands of
products into core products needed for a seamless plastic surgery recovery.

Healing Enhancements has included compression sets and surgical bras, to its already
existing pile of healing products like surgical compression garments, gel masks,
scar gels, hospital gowns, medical girdles, anti aging serums and many more. Healing
Enhancements asserts that these affordable compression sets and surgical bras are of
very high quality. "After careful and through research, we have prepared the size
charts for a perfect fit" says the marketing manager.

The CEO clarified that these post-operation compression garments are designed
specifically for surgical recovery and that the surgical compression garments are
made so as to be worn all day everyday for weeks at a time, to produce desired
results. He explained that retail compression garments, sometimes referred to as
compression wear or active wear, are used for exercise and can be worn only for a
few hours at a time and also said that surgical compression garments have many times
the compression rating as that of the retail compression wear.

He proclaimed that Healing Enhancements is dedicated to carrying only the highest
quality recovery products available on the market at competitive prices, and also
guaranteed that all of their recovery products, from compression garments to gel
masks, were made in the USA.

Although our website is still a focal point, we have expanded our capabilities and
now offer a buying program called HE Wholesale that is tailored directly to the
surgeon or clinic" says the CEO of Healing Enhancements.

More information on plastic surgery recovery products, surgical compression
garments, anti aging serums and scar gels can be found at

Web Site:

Contact Details: Michael J.Smith
Healing Enhancements, INC.
PO BOX 12879
Charleston, SC 29422
Ph: 866.755.4325
Local: 843.760.4325
Cell: 843.330.9636

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