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Released on: June 26, 2008, 1:20 pm

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Industry: Healthcare

Press Release Summary: Dr. Jennifer Ashton suggests obesity surgery to patient and
change her life

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Dr. Jennifer Ashton is a young OB-GYN with a traditional style of practicing
medicine: she doesn\'t only take care of pregnant women and address hormonal issues,
she treats the whole woman. This involves assessing emotional, nutritional,
hormonal and physical issues at every visit. This thorough approach proved
life-changing for Alba Ramos, one of Dr. Ashton\'s patients. Ramos had long
struggled with obesity and its consequences. When she began having complications
during her pregnancy as a result of her weight, she transferred her OB care to
Ashton, on the suggestion of a friend. After delivering a healthy baby girl, Ramos
continued to see Ashton for gyn care. At a routine visit, after discussing the
usual gyn issues, Ashton brought up the subject of Ramos\' weight. \"Many doctors are
afraid to bring up a patient\'s obesity or weight problem, for fear of insulting or
upsetting the patient. To me, it is a vital sign, just like blood pressure and if
it is abnormal, it should be discussed.\" Because of Dr. Ashton\'s kind and
sensitive manner, Ramos felt comfortable having this discussion with her. It was at
this visit that Dr. AShton recommended Ramos consider the lap band obesity surgery.
\"It has been clearly shown to make a permanent difference in people\'s health; high
blood pressure normalizes, joint pain disappears, people lose significant amounts of
weight.\" For most women, since they see only their OB-GYN as a regular doctor,
their only chance to be educated by a medical professional is during this visit.

Although Ramos had always been obese, she had never before been told to consider
this surgery. Since Dr. Ashton had done clinical research on Bariatric Surgery and
is married to a surgeon, she is well-informed about the facts of obesity surgery.
She discussed the procedure extensively with Ramos and suggested she see a bariatric
surgeon whom Ashton recommended. Her involvement with helping Ramos battle her
weight problem didn\'t stop there. She wrote letters for Ramos\' insurance company,
to help her get the insurance pre-certification she needed for the surgery. She
called her before and after the operation to see how she was doing.

Their teamwork paid off. Ramos has had a total life transformation. She has lost
over 100 pounds, has no more joint pain, high-blood pressure or sleep apnea. She
can keep up with her toddler and has more energy than ever. (see photos and
comments). \"If Dr. Ashton had not suggested I have this surgery, hadn\'t helped me
get insurance clearance and hadn\'t made me feel that she really cares about my total
health and wellness, I know my life would have been seriously jeopardized.\" Ashton
loves hearing success stories like this from her patients and encourages patients to
discuss these and other health issues with their OB-GYNs, even \"if you don\'t think
it is an OB-GYN issue.\" Ramos wants people to know about how rewarding the process
can be and how they should seek out doctors who \"tell them what they need to hear,
not necessarily what they want to hear!\"

About Dr. Jennifer Ashton

Dr. Jennifer Ashton is a graduate of Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons, at
Columbia University New York City, where she was Class President for four
consecutive years. She was also the single recipient of the Bartlestone Prize in
Pharmacology. Dr. Ashton practices General Obstetrics and Gynecology, specializing
in Adolescent Gynecology as the founder of Hygeia Gynecology. She resides in
Englewood, New Jersey with her physician husband and their two children.

Dr. Ashton can be seen regularly on the national Fox News Channel as a medical
contributor. She and her husband, Robert, a renowned thoracic surgeon, make joint
appearances on the network a few times each week to address timely health issues.
She has been featured on TLC\'s A Baby Story, on PBS, quoted in many magazines and on
live national radio. She has been a featured expert guest on Oprah & Friends on
satellite XM radio with Dr. Mehmet Oz.

Dr. Ashton is an active member of the Englewood Community and was recently appointed
to the Board of Directors on the Community Chest charitable organization. She is a
frequent public speaker on topics concerning women's health and adolescent
gynecology. Dr. Ashton has received numerous awards throughout her career. She was
recognized by the Girl Scout Council of Bergen County at its 2007 Women of
Achievement Awards Dinner for her work with local youth. Dr. Ashton has a book on
teen physical and emotional issues expected out in 2009 and is available for
speaking engagements.

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