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Released on: June 27, 2008, 2:03 am

Press Release Author: Abdulah Aziz

Industry: Healthcare

Press Release Summary: Yellow teeth are the worst nightmare comes true for anyone.
They not only look awful but also put a mar on your personality. For this reason
anyone with yellow teeth try to find a solution that can help them in getting rid of
this problem

Press Release Body: Laser Teeth Whitening Methods

There are a number of reasons why teeth get dull. Few of them are smoking, aging
factor, and food stains. Teeth are parts of one’s body. They feel shy if
teeth are dull and feel confident if they have a perfect white smile.

The latest technology and research has made it easy to get white teeth and also
there are cases where the teeth can be whitened more than the normal colour. The
latest in all these technologies is laser teeth whitening where all kinds of stains
can be removed easily and it does not matter what age group you are from.
Teeth whitening
dentists in London use this technology of teeth whitening
the most.

In London tooth
is done by using a laser system from Opus 10 and LaserSmile.
When the tooth whitening is done a red laser beam is used.

There are a number of advantages of laser teeth
whitening London
methods used by dentists in

  1. It is much faster, takes only 15 – 20 minutes.

  2. It does not require you to wear a tray overnight

  3. Less procedure time, post job as only a laser beam is involved in this


Teeth whitening using this system should be adopted by people who heavily smoke
or use alcohol. If you have teeth surgery before i.e. if you are using bridges,
fillings, crowns, veneers, then they should be taken off and replaced after the
treatment. Some people have translucent teeth and when they undergo laser treatment
they experience a pain for a few days, but this pain comes to an end within few
days and the translucent teeth will appear a little darker.

The level to which the teeth can be whitened by
the London dentists varies from person to person. The bleaching
agent or the laser treatment will give different results as they react in a
different way on different people.

There are two different kinds of teeth whitening

  1. Office Tooth whitening: it takes only a short period of time like an

A complete check up is done before hand so that proper precautions can be

  1. Home Tooth Whitening: This is a lengthy process, and the whitening kit
    should be applied on the teeth every day for several weeks before the
    results can be seen.

In London laser teeth whitening process is very popular and people go for this
treatment as it is quick and not much risk is involved, but always make sure that
proper precautions are taken before you undergo such a treatment.

Web Site: http://www.teeth-whitening-clinic.co.uk

Contact Details: Teeth Whitening Clinic, Laburnum House
venor Sq

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