Winchester Veterans First Celebration Displays America`s Committment to Our Veterans

Released on: June 7, 2008, 7:13 am

Press Release Author: Lance Orndorff

Industry: Healthcare

Press Release Summary: The American Heroes Return\'s Veterans First Celebration that
took place June 5, 2008 in Winchester VA disproved the notion that American\'s are
not willing to care for returning veterans. The event made clear that business,
government, and community are seeking to be involved in welcoming our heroes back,
we just need to guide their energies.


Winchester Veterans First Celebration Displays America\'s Committment to Our Veterans

WINCHESTER, VA - JUNE 5, 2008 - Caring Americans joined business and government
representatives in the former Airpak warehouse in the industrial district for an
after work celebration honoring our past and present veterans. The event,
benefiting the development of the first of its kind unique PTSD treatment supportive
residential farm, provided an opportunity for average community folks to learn more
about the difficulties our returning military are facing and to be a part of the

American\'s have not been asked to sacrifice anything for the current wars and they
clearly want to stand shoulder to shoulder with our military. So participants at the
event learned fist hand from representatives of veteran\'s groups, veterans and
active duty military, and AHR\'s staff what they can do to connect with Heroes in
their families and neighborhood. Participants left the event with more than just
knowledge, but a much needed avenue for them to follow so that they can actively
support veterans.

\"I\'ve heard about PTSD but don\'t really know what it is,\" was the common response of
the night. And when our fellow citizens learned that Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
is the new American crisis, they were both heart-sick and, as patriots, newly
determined to work towards welcoming all veterans back with honor and seeing that
those needing care for PTSD get it.

The event was hosted by American Heroes Return (AHR), a veteran\'s transition program
of Place of Solace, a non-profit service organization. AHR
( began the year researching on military bases
and in Veterans Affairs medical centers to discover what the greatest unmet need is
for our returning veterans. The result of that research revealed that
therapeutically supportive out-patient and transitional living experiences for our
veterans being treated for PTSD and other war related injuries was is critical short

Within just two of the North Carolina VA Medical Center regions, more than 11,000
cases of PTSD were treated in one year. Although the VA Medical Centers are to be
honored for their massive care effort, it is impossible for them to meet the
therapeutically appropriate housing demand to compliment their efforts. What this
means is that many homes are falling apart due to the stress, many veterans are
living in the streets, under bridges, and in cars. And many are finding shelter were
they can in environments that are ill suited for their progress towards cure. This
condition is anti-American, lacks the ethical obligation we hold as Americans to our
veterans, and cannot be tolerated or ignored.

What took place in Winchester VA on June 5th, and in Hickory NC on May 23rd, reveals
that American\'s care deeply. And American Heroes Return is moving swiftly towards
providing the solutions that veterans deserve.

For a review of the program and the Phased Living Environment initiative, visit

Contact Lance Orndorff for more insights into this topic. Lance will make himself
available for interviews, print or on air, on short notice. Direct line: (888)
716-4196 Email: Other helpful information regarding
the event can be found at: or

About Place of Solace and American Heroes Return
Place of Solace is a 501(c)3 non-profit community service organization with a five
year history of meeting community American Heroes Return is a new program addressing
the needs of returning veterans from current conflicts and veterans from previous
wars and service.

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Lance Orndorff
American Heroes Return
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Contact Details: Contact Information:
Lance Orndorff
American Heroes Return
Phone : 888-716-4196
Fax : 336-232-9333

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