10 Reasons to Visit the Dentist More Often from Caring Dentistry of San Rafael

Released on: August 15, 2008, 11:02 am

Press Release Author: Caring Dentistry of San Rafael

Industry: Healthcare

Press Release Summary: Although many people hate, and even fear, visiting the
dentist, it is very important to do so frequently to ensure proper oral health. To
encourage readers across the country to schedule an appointment with their local
dentist, the experts at Caring Dentistry have compiled a list of 10 reasons to visit
the dentist more often.

Press Release Body: San Rafael, CA - As we all know visiting your dentist frequently
is important, but you probably did not realize just how important it actually is.

1. Spotting Decay
Sometimes there is decay in your teeth that only your dentist can spot and remove.

2. Avoid Loosing Teeth
Avoiding your dentist will do more than cause decay, over time it could cause you to
lose teeth.

3. Gum Disease
Although gum disease is most common in the elderly, it can start developing early.
It is good have a dentist check for gum disease frequently/

4. Oral Cancer
Your dentist will be able to recognize any warning signs that might point to oral

5. Wisdom Teeth
If your wisdom teeth are starting to show, the sooner you go in to the dentist the
better. Everyone's different, and you should not take risks with your dental health.

6. Prevent Emergencies
Waking up in the night with a dental emergency is never fun. Seeing the dentist
regularly can prevent this from ever happening to you.

7. Overall Health
Your dental health has been proven to affect the rest of your health. Gum disease
can lead to strokes, heart disease, and even cancer.

8. Periodontal Pockets
Caused by gum disease, periodontal pockets are important warning signs only your
dentist can evaluate.

9. Cleaning
Even if you have the healthiest teeth and eat right, no one can clean your teeth
like your dentist. A routine cleaning will prevent cavities and other dental

10. Better Breath
All types of things cause bad breath, only your dentist can tell you if it is dental

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