Breast Augmentation - Most Wanted Procedure

Released on: August 31, 2008, 11:49 pm

Press Release Author: LekariOnline.CZ s.r.o.

Industry: Healthcare

Press Release Summary: Czech plastic surgeons report most common cosmetic surgery

Press Release Body: A recent survey of Czech plastic surgeons found that 83% of them
say breast augmentation
surgery is one of their three most performed procedures.

Demographics for this procedure tend to be on the younger side, and it seems to be a
Europe-wide phenomena. The surgeons queried for the survey have both Czech and
international clients. They report woman from the UK and Germany most often request
breast enlargement.

But enlarging the breasts isn't all women are looking for. Many seek a breast lift
( to reform
the shape and feel of their breasts. Following breast augmentation, eyelid surgery
and liposuction (
are the other two most popular procedures.

The cosmetic surgery survey
( covers
cosmetic plastic surgery and health tourism in the Czech Republic between 2006 &
2007. Other interesting points covered include the potential risks of cosmetic
surgery abroad as well as offering an overview of the Czech aesthetic surgery field.

The survey was conducted by which provides
information about cosmetic plastic surgery abroad.

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