Cutting - Edge Technology at Bangkok Hospital Offers Hope to Patients With Tumors

Released on: August 5, 2008, 10:03 pm

Press Release Author: Bangkok Hospital

Industry: Healthcare

Press Release Summary: Until recently, patients with inoperable tumors had little
recourse to improve their conditions. But Bangkok Hospital Medical Center now offers
advanced technology that literally provides a ray of hope.

Press Release Body: Patients with brain tumors for decades have had limited options
for treatment, but the latest cutting-edge technology at the Bangkok Hospital
Medical Center now offers hope.

Previously, many patients could not be treated with radiotherapy because their
tumors were too close to critical brain structures. Bangkok Hospital Medical Center
(BMC) has acquired Novalis technology that involves shaped-beam radiation surgery,
meaning many of these tumors can now be treated.

Novalis shapes the radiation beams to match the exact shape of the tumor or lesion.
The result is the tumor or lesion receives its prescribed dose of radiation, while
avoiding critical tissues and organs.

The primary advantages of stereotactic radiosurgery are its precision and minimal
risk. Equipped with highly sophisticated computer-based imaging techniques, Novalis
delivers the radiation beam with high precision and produces a sharp radiation dose
gradient at the tumor and normal tissue boundary.

"It is the most clinically advanced cancer treatment option for patients often
considered to have inoperable tumors," says Jason Chandler, Novalis' national sales

The Novalis procedure is non-invasive, painless and eliminates the risks associated
with major surgery. Many patients are able to have shaped-beam surgery as a day
treatment procedure.

The actual treatment session typically takes less than 30 minutes. This involves the
movement of the Novalis machine around the head or body as the focused beams
converge on the target. Multiple radiation beams radiate the tumor from different
angles. The invisible radiation is not felt at all.

Novalis technology was initially used to treat tumors and lesions in the brain, head
and neck. The latest upgrades have increased the accuracy and reliability, allowing
its use on inoperable tumors in the spine, lungs, liver, breast, prostate and other
areas in the body.

Novaris may be the treatment of choice for patients whose doctors cannot perform
traditional surgery because of the increased risk of harming critical structures
inside the brain, BMC says.

According to the Bangkok Hospital Medical Center, the latest cutting-edge technology
gives patients a fighting chance to overcome their illnesses and a better quality of
life after treatment.

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