DRE Veterinary Distributes All-In-One Veterinary Dental Cart

Released on: August 20, 2008, 12:28 pm

Press Release Author: DRE Veterinary Equipment

Industry: Healthcare

Press Release Summary: The Scale-Aire, a high-speed dental air unit designed for
veterinary procedures, is available now from DRE Veterinary.

Press Release Body: DRE Veterinary, a premier veterinary equipment company, is
distributing the Scale-Aire, a mobile veterinary dental cart. It comes
fully-equipped with a built-in ultrasonic scaler, polisher/drill, air-water syringe,
and a compressed air system.

"DRE Veterinary began distributing the Scale-Aire in response to increased demand
for veterinary dental equipment," says Jim Evans, Director of DRE Veterinary. "The
compact Scale-Aire is easy to use, and allows veterinarians to perform basic and
advanced dental procedures."

The all-in-one Scale-Aire features a comprehensive set of dental tools crafted for a
variety of procedures, as well as microchip circuitry that allows veterinarians to
easily switch between polishing, scaling and cutting.

The Scale-Aire features an ultrasonic scaler with auto-tuned oscillation that
maintains optimum frequency when pressure is applied to the tip. Veterinarians can
utilize the Scale-Aire to perform curettage, deep scaling of heavy calculus, remove
stains and conclude preventative treatments by polishing the teeth, all in a single

The Scale-Aire's heat-treated tips, each made of surgical stainless steel, glide
smoothly across each patient's teeth. Water flows internally through the tip to the
operative site, gently cooling and lubricating the tooth, and washing away dislodged

The Scale-Aire features a durable foot control that provides immediate, stall-free
power to the tip in use. After the foot control is released, the scaler's delayed
cavitation feature disperses excess water into a fine mist, eliminating problematic
"after dripping."

A high-speed, air and water-driven handpiece is included with the Scale-Aire.
Veterinarians can utilize the high-speed handpiece for cutting and extracting teeth,
as well as for cutting sections of the tooth prior to extraction. The Scale-Aire
also includes a slow-speed handpiece that is air-driven and can be used in
conjunction with prophy paste for polishing.

The Scale-Aire is available now from DRE Veterinary. Additional product information
can be viewed at www.dreveterinary.com.

In addition to distributing the Scale-Aire dental cart, DRE markets an exclusive
brand of veterinary equipment that includes the DRE Waveline Plus Vital Signs
Monitor, the DRE Premier Anesthesia Machine, and the DRE Veterinary Vista Procedure

About DRE Veterinary
DRE Veterinary is a premier supplier of veterinary and laboratory research
equipment. DRE Veterinary provides new and professionally refurbished and used
veterinary equipment to universities, surgery centers, research facilities and
veterinary practices around the globe. DRE Veterinary's parent company, DRE Inc.,
was established in 1984 and offers value to doctors by providing the features and
reliability they need while fitting within their budget.

Web Site: http://www.dreveterinary.com

Contact Details: Contact Information:
DRE Veterinary
Tyler Kempf, Veterinary Marketing Specialist
1800 Williamson Court
Louisville, KY 40223

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