Released on: August 21, 2008, 9:24 am

Press Release Author: EnerG Coaching, LLC (Ellen Goldman

Industry: Healthcare

Press Release Summary: Chronic stress has been shown to have a debilitating effect
on health and well-being. Since stress is an inevitable part of everyone\'s life, it
is important to learn how to reduce and manage it. A free teleclass offering a
unique approach to stress management is being offered by EnerG Coaching, LLC in
Tuesday, August 26, 2008 at 8PM EST.

Press Release Body:
With the shaky state of our economy, rising gasoline costs, corporations downsizing
and the uncertain real estate market, there are plenty of reasons for individuals to
be feeling an increase in stress and anxiety. Add to that the many small everyday
occurrences such as traffic, computer problems, and too busy schedules, and it's no
wonder that so many people are having a difficult time managing stress. To help
individuals learn how to effectively deal with this stress in a healthy way, Ellen
Goldman of EnerG Coaching, LLC is offering a free teleclass on Tuesday, August 26,
2008 at 8PM EST, "Stress: We Can't Eliminate It, But We Can Manage It!"

Individuals who register for the class will be given a conference phone number that
will connect participants together on the telephone. This allows individuals to
call in from anywhere in the world, from the privacy of their own home, eliminating
the need for travel. Following the class, all participants will also be given a
link to the class recording, which allows them to review and re-listen in the
future. The call recording also enables those who are unable to attend the class
live to benefit from the information that will be shared. Topics that will be
discussed include recognizing the physical signs of stress increasing in the body;
how to calm oneself; distinguishing the difference between stressors that can be
reduced and eliminated, and how to manage those that cannot; and connecting with
personal motivation to work at managing our lives in a way that will lead to a
calmer and healthier lifestyle.

Research has shown that chronic stress has a debilitating effect on health and
well-being, and could be connected to an increase in diseases such as hypertension,
heart disease and cancer. Goldman says, "Stress is a part of everyone's life; it is
part of the human experience. Given the connection between stress, health and life
satisfaction, it is imperative that we have the skills to handle the stressors in
our own personal lives. And that's what I hope to teach people with this class."

Ellen Goldman is the founder and owner of New Jersey-based EnerG coaching, LLC,
which offers one-on-one wellness coaching and group coaching locally or by phone
nationwide, as well as personal training, motivational workshops, seminars and
talks. For additional information about the class, contact Ellen at 973.535.8891, or
email or visit
Goldman also offers a free fitness and wellness e-newsletter and several tools
individuals can use to assess their readiness for change at

Web Site:

Contact Details: Ellen Goldman
EnerG Coaching, LLC
116 Millburn Avenue
Millburn, NJ 07041

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