Roger Clemens` Banned Substance Crisis Didn`t Have to Happen

Released on: August 2, 2008, 6:17 am

Press Release Author: Gary Addams

Industry: Healthcare

Press Release Summary: Legendary baseball star Roger Clemens\' illegal substance
crisis didn\'t have to happen. Instead of using banned injectable human growth
hormone, he could have turned to a safe, natural HGH releaser product like Trans-D

Press Release Body: Seattle, United States ( Express-press-release ) - August 1,
2008 - Legendary major league baseball player Roger Clemens and his illegal
substance crisis didn't have to happen.

Baseball pitcher legend Roger Clemens is accused of taking HGH or href=>human growth hormone. According to recent
news reports, Clemens' alleged dealer Kirk Radomski has evidence showing Clemens was
given HGH, a substance banned by Major League Baseball.

Human growth hormone is banned by the MLB for good reason. Studies link HGH
injections to risky side effects such as liver and thyroid damage, heart
enlargement, cancer, increased risk of diabetes and diabetic coma, and even
premature death.

But Clemens didn't have to risk these dangerous side effects - and the possibility
of being banned from the game of baseball.

There is a better alternative that could have given him many of the benefits of HGH
without the risk - and without violating MLB's illegal and banned substance policy.

HGH releasers are a safe, natural
alternative to HGH. They are safe for the body because they are made up of amino
acids and fatty acids - two naturally-occurring compounds found in health
supplements and everyday foods.

And HGH releasers are effective, because they work within the body to produce HGH

According to the doctors behind the development of the powerful HGH releaser Trans-D

"In order to get anything 'banned' in Trans-D Tropin, protein and essential fatty
acids would have to be 'banned'. Until [any] organization can dictate what type of
food a person must eat, they will not be able to prevent anyone from using Trans-D
Tropin. Lastly, since Trans-D Tropin increases endogenous HGH within physiological
parameters, there is no method available to test for Trans-D Tropin use."

Perhaps if Roger Clemens had known the facts about HGH releasers like Trans-D
Tropin, he could've saved himself from his current banned substance disaster,
public scrutiny, and possible perjury charges.

The website is
dedicated to providing information to the public regarding the risks of human growth
hormone, and the benefits of HGH releaser Trans-D Tropin - in order to empower
people to make healthy choices for longer, more fulfilling lives. Visit
http:www.DialBackTheYears for more information.

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United States


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