San Antonio Fitness Professional States That SA`s Rating on Men`s Fitness `Fattest City`s in America` List is about to End

Released on: August 31, 2008, 8:20 pm

Press Release Author: Steve Payne

Industry: Healthcare

Press Release Summary: San Antonio, Tx - September 1, 2008 - Between Thanksgiving
and New Years, some \"experts\" estimate that the typical American will gain anywhere
between 8 and 10 pounds of fat. When 2009 finally rolls around these same folks will
join gyms and pay trainers (most of which haven\'t a clue as to what they\'re doing)
to lose that same 10 pounds...maybe more.

As a local San Antonionian, Firestorm Fitness Systems owner Steve Payne says, we
currently have just over 16 weeks until New Years. in other words, we have the power
to decide whether or not to take action in the battle of the bulge - but once the
decision is made we become a slave to that decision.

Press Release Body: Payne says that most folks can enjoy the labor day weekend - eat
burgers, hot dogs and drink beer - and still get started on a solid fat loss program
to make HUGE changes by January.

By following simple guidelines and structure, almost anyone can cut 16 to 35 pounds
of fat by then? In Payne\'s words, \"It\'s only one to two pounds per week. Even by
conservative standards, that\'s very doable.\"

According to Payne, \"If someone will simply eliminate sugar and refined
carbohydrates from their diet, get a little exercise and sleep, when they hit the
New Years party(s), they could be 10, 20, or even 30 pounds leaner. And assuming the
average American will gain 10 pounds by then, they\'ll be at least 20lbs leaner than
their friend, that b*tch that always looks good at the parties! Why wouldn\'t anyone
want to start 2009 leaner than they started 2008?\"

Payne says that if San Antonionian\'s will do just three things, we will get off the
\"Fattest City in America\" list. They are:

1) Create a caloric deficit - that simply means eat less calories than you use. We
do this by a combination of proper diet and exercise.

2) Eat 4 to 6 small meals per day consisting mainly of a protein source and fresh
fruits or vegetables. Eliminate or drastically reduce starchy and refined
carbohydrates from your diet.

3) Watch for \"hidden calories\" in things like soda, snacks and alcoholic beverages.
Aim to eat foods that are nutritionally dense and not calorie dense.

4) Utilize High Intensity Interval Training for cardio work to create a constant
energy demand. Think of \"energy\" as fat.

5) Get plenty of sleep. Payne advises, \"We don\'t get stronger and leaner by how hard
we work out, we get stronger and leaner by how well we RECOVER from our workout.\"

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Steve Payne, Owner Firestorm Fitness Systems
8611 N New Braunfels
San Antonio, Texas

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