Attract Women with a Winning Personality

Released on: September 6, 2008, 1:56 am

Press Release Author: Riho Lipstok

Industry: Healthcare

Press Release Summary: Pheromones are chemicals that send out subconscious scent
signals to the opposite sex that naturally trigger attraction, arousal and readiness
for sex. When a woman receives the chemical-hormonal signals, she automatically,
instinctively responds - without even realizing what is drawing her to you.

Press Release Body: Today, attracting women seems to be easy for men because of
various pheromone products that are available in the market. Basically, these
products aid in giving off pheromones, which are natural substances that are present
in animals and human beings. They are produced by a living organism to attract
another of the same species; if animals use pheromones for communication, human
beings use these substances to lure mates. Pheromone products are proven to work by
science and certified by the modern medical community.

What are these products and why are they deemed effective? All pheromone products,
including Nexus Pheromones, contain laboratory-certified formulations that function
like natural pheromones, which are given off by the body.

Nexus Pheromones can be blended with aftershaves or simply sprayed all over the
body. Because of the simple ways they can be applied, pheromone products are the
subtlest and safest ways to get women\'s attention nowadays. Aside from being
efficient these products are viewed as 100% harmless because the chemicals used in
the formulations are well studied; however, matters regarding usage should also be
discussed with a dermatologist for those people with sensitive skin or are prone to

Pheromones work naturally in human beings and may cause what is commonly known in
the romantic context as \"chemistry\" between people. However, using pheromone
products alone does not guarantee that men will win over women\'s hearts; men who are
after women or are always on the lookout for possible prospects would still need to
have that personality factor in addition to what their hygiene products can do for
them. This way, pheromone products and their use would further be optimize and
really make women believe in chemistry as well as personality.

So, together with the use of Nexus, how exactly do men show their winning
personalities to women? First, presentation should be considered. Proper
presentation primarily involves being well groomed and well mannered. Observation of
decent and appropriate dressing and good hygiene, such as hair grooming and shaving,
are usually taken into account when men feel that they need to attract and impress
the ladies.

Though what constitutes a winning personality varies from woman to woman, having
confidence is something that is commonly looked for. Confidence without the
arrogance is often manifested in the manner by which men carry themselves
physically, mentally, and emotionally. On the other hand, when men become too
egoistic and tend not to care about a woman\'s feelings, a notion of insensitivity
would develop and would definitely turn off the female population.

The ability to cheer up women is another factor that contributes to a winning
personality. When men lighten up the mood by being kind and making the women feel a
whole lot better about themselves, they are close to the jackpot of attracting
women. Being a good listener is also a good indicator of a charming personality.
When men truly demonstrate his openness and understanding when hearing stories or
experiences, they convey that they are reliable and trustworthy enough for women to
get to know well. In relation to being good listeners, men also need to become good
conversationalists, which means that they should have timing, have sense of humor,
and be able to speak lightly, not boastfully.

In a similar manner, sincere compliments are good enthusiasm boosters for women.
From time to time, men can give women simple compliments like praising their outfit
or hair. In a conversation, it is recommended that men ask questions related to the
conversation so that women will not be startled and rather, would get the idea that
they are listening intently to what is being said. If men want to bring up new
topics, they should make sure that women will be interested so that they will not
easily get bored. They could tell some jokes to lighten up the mood of the
conversation; after all, a sense of humor is important in any conversation,
especially on a date, because this will help women feel at ease.

Once men have established a friendly atmosphere between them and the women, then
they are more than halfway to attracting them. Always keep in mind that a charming
personality is defined by the ways men control and carry themselves in front of
women. With a winning and charming personality, there\'s no doubt that women would
likely be captivated.

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