Cat Mania Forever!

Released on: September 9, 2008, 8:25 am

Press Release Author: Andre Levi

Industry: Healthcare

Press Release Summary: Planning to purchase a cat? Or is your cat giving you too
much trouble? to the rescue!

Press Release Body: 09 septemper 2008; Did you find an adorable
little stray cat that you plan to adopt? Do you plan to buy a cat to give you
company on those lonely nights? Is your cat giving you trouble and you are in need
of advice about how to deal with it? Visit href=> has come out with a site that is
the dream of any cat lover. The interface has a clean white background and the
design is top class. The site provides information on cat care, cat food, cat
carriers, cat collars and a lot more. Advice is
also provided for dealing with troublesome pets.

The site navigation tab offers links to pages titledhref=>advice, videos, photos, products, auctions and
questions. Each option has several sub-items that are classified into various
appropriate and apt sub-sections. They provide invaluable ammunition on how to deal
with cats to the cat-lovers arsenal.

The page onadvice deals with how to deal with
common cat related problems like scratching, cat care, toys, eating of strange
things, fearful cats, introducing pets to a new cat, litter box problems, noisy cats
and positive reinforcement. A detailed explanation of the problem is followed by the
viable solutions. It helps that an analysis of the psychology of the cat is
provided. The problem is also described with an understanding of the pets feelings.
The videos section provides useful videos on how to train cats. Videos are uploaded
by quite a large variety of people and this certainly helps decide about a training
method. The section on photos has a lot of cat and kitten related photos.

The section on products details a list of cat related products that can be purchased
from Clicking on more info leads to a page with information like product
features, editorial reviews, similar products and customer reviews. The section on
auctions allows one to auction for cat related products. The section on questions
provides cat related advice in the question and answer format. This feature makes
use of Yahoo Answers. Each question links to a number of answers so that the visitor
may decide from a plethora of options. This offers varied perspective for the

The last section is titled Cats for Sale. This links to the cats page of a website
called As the name suggests, this column facilitates the purchase of
cats. The tabular column in the page contains information like username of the
seller, cat food, and breed along with picture, cat collars, cat carriers,
description, age and price in USD.

This website is a very useful
tool for all cat lovers. The liberal presence of search fields is just one of the
useful features of this site. The way it has been designed makes it very attractive
and essential to its visitors. All of the content is easily accessible from the home
page. The pages load in no time and the navigation is smooth. Every cat lover should
visit this site,, at least

4000 South Bozeman Street
phone: 2064916192
Fax : 2064916192
Email: andre@cat-advice .com

Web Site:

Contact Details: chennai
4000 South Bozeman Street
phone: 206-491-6192
Fax: none

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