Revolutionary job board just for HemeOncologists makes finding the best HemeOnc job opportunities effortless!

Released on: September 30, 2008, 11:36 am

Press Release Author: Jennifer Carnduff

Industry: Healthcare

Press Release Summary: is a website exclusively for HemeOncologists.
This radical new site is dedicated to helping this community or doctors and their
employers connect. matches HemeOncologists with medical practices
across the United States. hosts the best HemeOnc jobs across the
United States.

Press Release Body: September 30, 2008 - Springfield, Illinois

As our knowledge of cancer and how to treat it grows so does the demand for
physicians trained to treat it. As research into the genome project and stem cell
technology provides more answers and solutions in this field the occupational growth
potential is expanding. The field of HemeOncology is projected to grow more rapidly
than most other job fields. It is for these reasons that, for a physician, choosing
a career in HemeOncology is a great option. The projected expansion of this field
offers long term job security. is a unique and innovative new website created specifically with
HemeOncologists in mind! Geared toward helping them find the best employment
opportunities out there. HemeOncologists across the nation have access to a
user-friendly job search system which will aid them in finding great medical
practice opportunities in any region of the country. allows employers all over the U.S. to search for the best qualified
doctors to meet the needs of their practice. By viewing a database of resumes
posted by cancer doctors in search of career opportunities and by posting their job
listings on the site, employers can be sure that they will find the candidate who is
right for them.

With a fervent desire to help propel the field of Hematology Oncology forward, is dedicated to making sure that matching HemeOncologists with
practices is fast, effortless and easy.

The purpose of is to give HemeOncologists the best available tools
to aid them in their search for the practice that will be the best match for them.
We continually strive to empower people to see the need of HemeOncology as

With this mission in mind, was created by REMWES Media, LLC, a
Springfield, Illinois company, to assist in developing the field of HemeOncology
because the medicine resulting from this field is so important to raising our
quality of life.

This unique website is simple to use, just select your desired city and state and will provide you with a list of employment opportunities in your
desired location. You may select any region of the United States from which to
obtain a list of the best available opportunities.

Due to ever increasing technology, there is great opportunity for HemeOncologists
nationwide to benefit from a tool which can locate the best opportunities open to
them in their ideal location., produced for you by REMWES Media, LLC, is easy to use, convenient,
location-specific, comprehensive and will help alleviate the stress of making the
right decision while searching for HemeOncology opportunities. is a
revolutionary development for all HemeOncologists!

Visit for more information.

Web Site:

Contact Details: Po Box 7105
Springfield, IL 62791

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