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Released on: October 14, 2008, 4:14 am

Press Release Author: Cathy Mogler

Industry: Healthcare

Press Release Summary: For shine and control you need some type of shine serum and
maybe a straightening crme. Be sure to ask your stylist what she or he recommends
for your hair to achieve your style.

Press Release Body: Houston, TX, October 14, 2008 -- The Art of Blow Drying and
Styling -Blow drying and styling your hair can be a difficult task, depending on
your hair's texture. Every type of hair needs different styling products, tools, and
time. You also have to determine what style you want for the day. So you need a
maximum of four things to achieve a great style-shampoo and conditioner, prestyle
products, proper tools, and finishing products. You might not need all of these if
you want a simple style.

Shampoo and conditioner are important for your style, because they create the
foundation. The right shampoo and conditioner can also help remedy any challenges
you might have with your hair-frizz, breakage, color fading, etc. If you need volume
in your style, use a volumizing shampoo and conditioner; if you need to add shine or
softness to your hair, start with a smoothing and moisturizing shampoo and
conditioner; and so on.

A prestyle product is any product used to prepare your hair for blow drying. Again,
depending on the style you want, you need to use the proper prestyle products. On
wet hair, these products help make your morning so much easier. For volume you need
a volumizing mousse and a root lifter. For shine and control you need some type of
shine serum and maybe a straightening crme. Be sure to ask your stylist what she or
he recommends for your hair to achieve your style.

Once you have established a good foundation with your shampoo and conditioner and
have prepared your hair, it's time to use your tools. Make sure you invest in a good
blow dryer (see the "Hair Candy" section below for suggestions). A good blow dryer
can make all the difference. They really are not all created equal. Weak dryers will
take three times as long to get the job done. Some of the inexpensive dryers can get
too hot and burn your hair. Ionic dryers are great and won't burn your hair.

Brushes are important as well. The right size brush will determine how much movement
your hair will have. The bigger the round brush, the straighter your hair will be.
The smaller the round brush, the more movement, or curl, your hair will have. Paddle
brushes are great for naturally straight hair that needs minimum smoothing and
volume. There is a difference between a boar's hair, or tighter bristle brush, and a
plastic or metal bristle brush. The boar's hair, or a tighter bristle brush, won't
brush through big sections of hair. They will give you maximum smoothing, but you
have to work in very small sections. A metal or plastic bristle brush is easier to
use on yourself, because you can work in bigger sections of hair and you will still
achieve a smooth style. Flat irons and curling irons take a little extra time but
can really make a difference in your style. Make sure when you use a flat iron that
you also use a leave-in conditioner in your hair and a thermal protection,
especially if you use it everyday.

Finishing products are important as well. They can give you that extra shine,
volume, humidity protection, definition, hold, softness, and texture. After you have
spent time on your blow dry, you need to make sure your hair will live through the
day. That's what finishing products do. Shine sprays and glosses are a great way to
finish long smooth and flowing hair. Hairsprays and waxes can help keep volume and
style in your hair. Waxes and pomades create texture to all lengths of hair. This
last step really helps determine what your hair will do for the rest of the day.

How to Smooth Out Your Hair with Your Blow Dryer
1. Remove Dampness
Once you've prepared your hair with the proper shampoo, conditioner, and prestyle
products, you can start your blow dry. Remove excess water by blow drying your hair
every which way. If you start your actual style on sopping wet hair, it will take
you twice as long.

2. Section Your Hair
Depending on the density of your hair, you will need to divide your hair into three
to four sections, which makes it easier to control. Keeping your sections nice and
neat saves time and frustration. Make one section across the nape, below the
earlobes. Your next section can extend from there to the crown of your head or you
can divide that in two, including the sides depending on the density of your hair.
And your last section is a horseshoe section on the top of your head.

3. Start Your Blow Dry
With the proper brush, make sure you really smooth that hair out. Use your brush as
an extension of your hand. Make sure you get enough heat on those ends to ensure
maximum smoothing. Don't worry too much about the heat on your hair, because you
have already prepared your hair with a leave-in conditioner and a thermal
protection. Once that first section is dry, go back over it until you are satisfied
with the shine and smoothness. When you think you've dried enough, dry some more.
Getting a good amount of heat and brushing to the hair will give you salon-quality
smoothness and shine. Move on to the next section when you're ready. Since you've
already sectioned your hair, all you have to do is remove the next clip, without
stopping in between to take another section. Simply drop the next section down.

4. Give Your Hair Movement
If you want more of a bend or curl to your hair, use a smaller round brush on your
ends. Hold the dryer to your ends as they are wrapped around the brush. Move the
dryer back and forth across the brush ensuring that you don't keep the heat in one
spot for too long. Once you achieve the curl or bend you want, move on to other
sections at your ends.

5. Give Your Hair Volume and Lift
Once your back and sides are dry, you're ready for the last section on the top. For
a more voluminous top, blow dry your roots in the opposite direction you want them
to lay. In other words, up and forward, side to side. This will prevent your hair
from lying flat, and with that root lifter and mousse you used, it shouldn't be
difficult to achieve. At the crown, blow dry those roots forward and up. On the top
sides, blow dry to the opposite side your hair will be laying. And at the very top
of your head blow dry forward. Once the roots are dry, then you can go back and
redirect the ends in the direction they need to go. Here you can finish your ends
straight, with a curl, or a bend, depending on your look and style for the day.

6. Finish and Lock In Your Style
If you have a fringe (bangs), the easiest way to make them lay perfect is to blow
dry them side to side and the redirect the ends down, to the side, or however you
wish to wear them. All that's left is to use the proper finishing product to keep
your volume, shine, softness, texture, or curl. This will keep your hair looking and
feeling great all day.

If you need help, simply ask your stylist to teach you the best and easiest ways to
style your hair. Always use the products and tools your stylist recommends. A good
stylist knows that if you can't duplicate your style at home, it's his or her job to
teach you. Be patient and keep at it. Sometimes all you need is a little bit of
practice and patience.

Tip: Once hair is dry, tip it forward and give it a blast with cool air. I will seal
the style for awhile.

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