Escape From The Irritation Of Moles From DermaTend Mole Remover

Released on: October 19, 2008, 9:51 pm

Press Release Author: Aaron Lilly

Industry: Healthcare

Press Release Summary: "Forget Dermatologist Use the Natural Mole Removal Treatment"

Press Release Body: New York, USA, October 20, 2008 - "" has now
released the all natural, herbal and most effective mole removal treatment ever.
Aaron Lilly, the leading research expert in natural mole removal has discovered
natural treatment for mole removal. This research has helped many people to remove
their moles without pain and within 3 days at home.

"" presents DermaTend the all natural, safe and the most effective
mole removal product which is guaranteed to clear the moles from your body without
any scar in 3 days at your home. DermaTend has been used by thousands of people
worldwide and surgery will be made obsolete from this, as the visits to the
dermatologist are lessened.

Dermatologist prescribe surgery for mole removal by removing moles and stitching the
skin or by burning the moles, both these procedures are at high risk because they
scar your skin which will never heal. DermaTend removes your skin moles of any shape
and size in just 3 days at the privacy of your home. And this doesn't cost as much
as the visits to the dermatologist.

Let's know the advantages of DermaTend - the natural mole remover:

1. The proved all natural method to remove moles permanently from your life which is
clinically tested by the doctor.
2. Dermatologist visits will charge at least $125 per visit, but DermaTend will
remove moles at your home which will approximately half its price.
3. Surgery leave scars to remember the moles, but DermaTend guarantees to remove
moles in lesser time and is most effectively without scars.
4. It is the all natural, herbal, the fastest, safest, and the most effective
natural mole removal which has thousands of moles removed from thousands of people.

Experience the difference in your life after the removal of your moles.
"" offers you beauty product which will make you mole free in just 3
days and you can use it from your home. DermaTend Mole Remover is certified and
clinically tested. It is guaranteed to remove moles, if not you don't have to pay.

No more painful surgeries for mole removal, no more high bills for the hospitals and
no more embarrassment from moles, all your problems from moles has a solution at
"". What more??? You can save more money and get the special
advantages of FREE GIFTS of ordering DermaTend - Mole Remover Now...And if you are not
satisfied with the results you get your money back... Escape from mole removal surgery
and get natural NOW...


Web Site:

Contact Details: Aaron Lilly,
1055 W Moana Ln. Ste. 202,
Reno, Nevada,
United States

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