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Released on: October 18, 2008, 12:44 am

Press Release Author: Michel Smith

Industry: Healthcare

Press Release Summary: Herbs-Wholesale offers you lowest possible price on the net
at wholesale price. We also arrange different sales events like seasonal sale,
clearance sale, discount stores and special sale on various National events.

Press Release Body: Goldenseal - Golden Seal (Goldenseal) is a herb specific for the
mucous membranes. Golden Seal root directly affects the mucous membranes. Golden
Seal (Goldenseal) bitter-tasting, antibiotic herb is still used to boost the immune
system and fight pathogenic bacteria. Some people believe the Golden Seal
(Goldenseal) herb may be good for colds and flu, and they use a combination of
Echinacea and Golden Seal (Goldenseal). Herbs-Wholesale carry the broadest range of
Golden Seal (Goldenseal) from all National Brands.

You can view more information: http://www.herbs-wholesale.com/Goldenseal.htm

Aloe - Aloe Vera is also known as "lily of the desert". The name was derived from
the Arabic alloeh meaning "bitter" because of the bitter liquid found in the leaves.
Aloe Vera may help sooth skin injured by burns, irritations, cuts and insect bites.
It may also help to moisturize and soften the skin. Aloe Vera speed the healing of
skin wounds, burns and other injuries & provide relief in constipation, diarrhea and
other intestinal problems. Aloe Vera may help to kill fungus and bacteria.
Herbs-Wholesalel.com carries Bulk Aloe Vera Products. Bulk Aloe Vera.

You can view more information: http://www.herbs-wholesale.com/Aloe-464.htm

CatEUR(tm)s Claw - Cat's Claw is a large vine that grows among large jungle trees in South
America and Asia. In spite of recent introduction, cat's claw has produced
considerable excitement in both the alternative medicine and scientific circles.
Cat's Claw reduces inflammation, stimulates the immune system, kills viruses, and
helps protect against heart disease. CatEUR(tm)s claw may one day prove to be effective in
treating HIV/AIDS and certain cancers. Herbs-Wholesale.com carries wide range of
CatEUR(tm)s Claw Products on Bulk Discount.

You can view more information: http://www.herbs-wholesale.com/Cats-Claw-386.htm

Grape Seed Extract - Grape seed extract is one of the most potent antioxidants found
in nature. Grape seed extract helps with allergies by inhibiting the release of
histamines and Grape Seed Extracts bioflavonoids have an antiinflammatory effect
that inhibit the release of certain enzymes which promote inflammation. Grape Seed
encourages good circulation and blood vessel health. Herbs-Wholesale.com carries
wide range of Grape Seed Extract.

You can view more information: http://www.herbs-wholesale.com/Grape-Seed-Extract.htm

Cascara Sagrada - The North American native peoples called Cascara Sagrada "sacred
bark" and it is reputed to be the world's greatest laxative. Cascara itself is the
aromatic bark of the one-year old tall shrub. The herb continues to be used
primarily as a laxative and is listed in the United States pharmacopoeia for this
purpose. Herbs-Wholesale carries wide range of Cascara Sagrada products on wholesale

You can view more information: http://www.herbs-wholesale.com/Cascara-374.htm

Cayenne Pepper - A meal rich in Cayenne Pepper will have a mildly stimulating effect
on the body. The pepper is rich in vitamin C, iron, calcium, phosphorous, and
B-complex vitamins. Herbs-Wholesale.com carries wide range of Cayenne Pepper
Products. Cayenne Pepper

You can view more information: http://www.herbs-wholesale.com/cayenne-397.htm

Dong Quai - Dong Quai is an herbal remedy derived from angelica sinesis, a plant
with pale green flowers that grows in China, Korea and Japan. Related to celery, the
herb is widely used in Chinese medicine as a tonic for women. Dong Quai used to
treat menstrual disorders, cramps and other gynecological conditions.
Herbs-Wholesale.com carries wide range of Dong Qui Products on Bulk Discount.

You can view more information: http://www.herbs-wholesale.com/Dong-Quai-463.htm

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