How can beauty salons offer safe botox injection treatments

Released on: October 12, 2008, 8:06 am

Press Release Author: Medi - Laser Aesthetics

Industry: Healthcare

Press Release Summary: The recent Lesley Ash TV documentary has certainly helped to
bring to our attention the fact that all is not right with the UK regulation of
injectable facial rejuvenation treatments such as Botox and Derma Filers.

Press Release Body: There are several controversial issues in this area such as
whether we should encourage more direct marketing of such products (e.g. Juvederm(r)
Ultra ads on TV), which medical and non-medical specialities should be allowed to
administer these treatments and also about the reclassification of fillers from
medical devices to prescription-only medicines.

Certainly, the USA and Europe actually do not allow non-medically qualified people
to inject dermal fillers. Furthermore, the major manufacturers and suppliers of
these products do not tend to supply or train non-medical practitioners.

Dr Nina Sharma of Medi-Laser Aesthetics freely accepts that some beauticians may
well get a more desirable aesthetic result from dermal fillers than some doctors
because it is not all about science but there is a lot of art to this technique.
However, she has great concerns about a beautician's ability to select/reject the
right patients on the basis of their medical history and they definitely do not have
ability to deal with the potential side effects which can range from severe
life-threatening anaphylactic reactions to simple over-correction or tissue
necrosis, etc. Certain complications can challenge even the most skilled aesthetic
doctors but they can then rely upon a network of other medical colleagues for
guidance. However, beauticians simply do not have the ability to prescribe or indeed
the general medical knowledge to effectively and safely deal with such medical
complications. Moreover, most aesthetic medical practitioners would then be
unwilling to take on clients/patients referred by these non-medical practitioners.

Unfortunately, there are increasing numbers of scare stories about things going
wrong with these relatively new aesthetic procedures as they become more popular.
However, if we are to continue using them more frequently, we must ensure that the
public is adequately protected through perhaps a combination of self-regulation and
also government involvement. One first step should be to follow the USA in only
allowing medically qualified personnel to use these products because after all, they
do have many more years of experience with them than we do in the UK.

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