Medicare Supplements May Be Cheaper

Released on: October 25, 2008, 2:42 am

Press Release Author: Texas Health & Life

Industry: Healthcare

Press Release Summary: Shopping for a Medicare supplement is not as expensive as one
might think. Invest a half hour of time surfing on the Internet comparison-shopping
for Medicare supplements and save money.

Press Release Body: Not many people seem to know that comparing prices between
insurers and how they price their Medicare supplements will usually result in a good
deal. People are actually able to save money on Medicare supplements.

So many people are used to paying higher prices because they have been locked into
brand name health insurance carriers. In fact, a lot of people make it a point to
supplement shop for brand name health care providers such as Blue Shield, AARP and
others. If a supplement comes from a brand name health care insurance provider, the
price is higher.

The supplements do not differ in content from one insurer to another, because the
law mandates that they be the same. However prices vary from insurer to insurer.
Brand name insurance carrier shopping is not bad; it just may cost more to do that.

Stick to smaller health insurance carriers that act as brokers for multiple
insurance companies. This is where there are deals to be had. Make it a point to
talk to a local insurance agent with insider information on what deals there are

While shopping to change carriers usually only happens about once a year (around
about the time the new year starts) you are able to change carriers just about any
time during the year if you find a better plan. However, there are some exceptions
to this, and consulting with an insurance agent to find out what those are will help
avoid any pitfalls.

In general though, if consumers shop small, shop no-name brand and compare
judiciously, they'll save money on their Medicare supplements.

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