Google's Street View Helps Predators


Released on: December 1, 2008, 5:45 am

Press Release Author: Child Shield USA

Industry: Internet & Online

Press Release Summary: Google's Street View provides predators with detailed information including pictures of neighborhoods, children, playgrounds, school yards, etc. that could be used for planning abductions.

Press Release Body:

Contact: Geoffrey Scheid
11-30-2008 Child Shield U.S.A.

Google’s Street View Helps Predators

Child Shield USA joins nation-wide campaign to raise child Internet safety concerns about Google Map's new "Street View" application. Stop Internet Predators works to educate parents and communities about the potential dangers associated with this technology.

Arlington, Texas - Today, Child Shield USA is eager to announce it has joined a national campaign formed in an effort to educate parents about child safety implications of new online technologies. Stop Internet Predators, a project of Stop Child Predators, is a coalition focusing primarily on Google's "Street View" technology and the potential dangers to children's privacy and safety if misused.

"After viewing images of children on Street View, I decided it was time to do more to stand up for children's safety," said John Raskob, President of Child Shield USA. "New technologies like this one could allow for children and parents to be unknowingly in harm's way."

Child Shield USA's primary goal is to reduce the alarming numbers of lost, missing, abducted, and runaway children in America. Their guaranteed and proven child safety programs provide parents with an array of easy-to-follow educational materials that will empower their children with important knowledge that can help prevent a tragedy. Child Shield USA is happy to integrate new Internet safety materials into their educational kits for parents.

"We are very glad to add Child Shield USA to our growing list of partners," said Stacie Rumenap, Executive Director of Stop Child Predators. "Child Shield USA has a reputation as 'America's Protector of Children' and we are pleased they have joined the efforts of Stop Internet Predators."

Child Shield USA supports the petition Stop Internet Predators has led and encourages all parents to call elected officials to exercise restriction options in order to protect our children's privacy and safety.

For more information about the campaign and to sign the petition please visit: For more information on Child Shield USA and their "FREE" $2,000 Child Saftey Program, contact your local affiliate, Geoffrey Scheid at 682-552-5341.

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Contact Details: Geoffrey Scheid
3205 Avon Dr.
Arlington, TX 76015



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