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Released on: November 26, 2008, 5:24 am

Press Release Author: Natural Stone Restoration Alliance

Industry: Construction

Press Release Summary: The 2nd in a series of natural stone restoration classes for floors seems to be a “hit” for those in the stone restoration trade or those that are starting a new enterprise.

Press Release Body: Josveek Huligar, http://www.Huligar.com a founding member of the Natural Stone Restoration Alliance, http://www.nsraweb.com/ an association of independent stone restoration professionals has conducted a very popular monthly class on the art of detailed restoration of natural stone countertops for a few years. Due to many requests, an additional class to the weekend itinerary this year included natural stone floors. This particular segment of the self described “boot camp” has become a demand in the field of stone restoration.

The weekend classes are described by Mr. Huligar as "A true “hands-on” experience. No seats. No stories. No sales pitch. Each student has the opportunity to perform multiple repairs, honing and the highly coveted art of top-polishing an additional note to the counter top repair class; the students receive a full set of tools including a variable polisher inclusive in the price of the class. Everything you need to get started.”

Those who have attended the recent class had this to say;

“I went to the class in hopes of going home confident that I could "DO" the best quality work not just understand the theory and fundamentals like I have in other "learning scenarios." I also wanted to learn as quickly as possible so we could learn as much as possible in a short time. I think both of those goals were met. Now comes the confidence building from experience and practice.

Thanks again to you Jo for being willing to share your excellence in your craft, and to Topshop for the hospitality and help, and Tim Scarlata of http://www.atlanticgranite.com and Topshop of http://www.topshopllc.com for the fabricators perspective, and the learning I received from the everyone’s experience who attended.

I had a great time!!! (Still a bit stiff and sore, but a great time!)”Duane Brock- Omaha NB.

Al Shulze of WeDoFloors- Orlando Fl responded, “I can honestly say just learning Jo’s floor method, will cut my time in half. If you’re just starting out in the business Take the class and get a foundation it will save you a ton of money from buying unnecessary equipment and time on the job.”

“The class was everything stated above and more. It exceeded my wildest expectations. Now Jo is another story in itself. His charisma and humor is second to none. Now let's see if that gives good old Jo a big head. Lol.”-Ken Albrecht- Plano TX.

“The classes are very hands on and a lot of very useful tips and technique's, on floor refinishing and granite repair. Jo's a good teacher, knows what he's doing!!!”-Paul Malarz- Rochester NY.

Dave Wilson of Seam- Master StoneCare CA. adds "Jo showed me how to push the limits with heat and popping a shine. It really opened me up to perfecting my floor process. I went to the class hoping to learn a few things and was not disappointed."

“It was nice to meet everyone at the class and thanks to TopShop for the facilities, help and food during the day. I have picked up two jobs on granite repairs and travertine scratch removal and feel confident that I can handle any problems it can throw at me.”- George Barnes- Denver CO.

"Thank you Josveek Huligar for sharing your knowledge, techniques and passion for natural stone. I have been to many classes and seminars and I learned more from the NSRA class than all the others combined.Thank you Dave (TOPSHOP) for the use of your shop and all the tips you gave me.

It is obvious that the NSRA is truly dedicated to helping improve the stone industry. Anyone who passes on this class is making a HUGE mistake. Thank you to all involved. I will back the NSRA 100%"- Tim Scarlata of atlanticgranite.com- Rochester NY

"Great class” said Paul Klees from Bonstone. “I received some valuable hands-on training with respect to surface polishing and repair techniques. It was amazing to see the use of different diamonds, pressure and the little amount of water needed to achieve a nice polish. I will definitely attend another class to brush up on my skills.”

“The class is described as a three day, 9 to 5, training session It’s more like you’re finished when you’ve completed the task successfully. Exactly as it is in the real world. There are no time limits to the class.” Steve Patrick, Patrick Stone Restoration- Columbus OH.

“The amount that I have learned in the four days I was up there has surpassed years of working with stone. I looked at many other classes offered. What encouraged me to select this class is the unorthodox way to restore stone by using many different distributors products and chemicals - and even making our own! There were endless varieties and techniques that could be used. Overall, learned invaluable techniques and methods that can save me time - make more money, and understand more about the constantly changing stone industry - keeping me on top of my game. Granite which was my adversary, had now become a friend, and all other stones a piece of cake to work with! Thanks to all in the class and especially with Jo for his patience and time to answer all my questions to the fullest.”- Glenn K, Advanced Stone Restoration, Oahu Hawaii

Students from Australia, New Zealand, Ireland and Hawaii as well as from the mainland of the U.S. have gathered to learn from this stone restoration expert. From the beginners to the seasoned professionals, the class has had it's impact. It is also interesting to note that once you take the class and participate actively on the NSRA forum you can attend the class to advance your skills for free. No other class offers this truly unique offer.Do not be fooled by the imitators on the internet that have tried to copy this unique program. Learn from the originator.

Josveek adds, “We are setting up the next class for 2009, it will be taking place on February 6th-8th. in Rochester NY. Two days for counters and one full day for floors. We'll be offering an additional class for a small fee on the 9th for practice or advanced techniques. We will give full details as soon as we have it all worked out with tooling.”

Ultimately the “boot camp” is for those who have a real interest in learning the stone restoration trade or to advance their existing skills. From the art of restoring counter tops to floors, this class has it covered.

The Location
Atlantic Granite & Marble Inc
450 lee road
Rochester ny 14606

(ROC) Greater Rochester International Airport
1200 Brooks Avenue
Rochester, NY 14624

Comfort Inn West
1501 W. Ridge Rd. , Rochester, NY,
US, 14615 | Phone: (585) 621-5700

Terms and conditions.
If cancellation is made over 30 days before the program date, 50% of the tuition is eligible for refund, or 100% of the tuition is transferable to another program/date. If cancellation is made within 10 to 30 days of the program date, 25% of the tuition is eligible for refund, or 100% of the tuition is transferable to another program/date.

If cancellation is less than 10 days of the program date, the entire tuition is non-refundable and non-transferable.

We reserve the right to cancel an event at our discretion. In the event of course cancellation, 100% of the tuition will be eligible for refund or transferable to another course.

Countertop Class $1,800.00
Floor Class $ 400.00
Extra Day $ 200.00

Web Site: http://nsraweb.com/index.php/Latest/Stone_Repair_Class.html

Contact Details: Natural Stone Restoration Alliance
93 Featherbed lane
Bronx NY 10452



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