Presenting the Do-it-yourself Acupressure Face Lift Guide, Anne Cossé, acupressure therapist, explains how facial acupressure revives the skin


Released on: November 6, 2008, 7:31 am

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Press Release Summary: Anne Cossé is an Acupressure therapist. She organizes workshops for women who want to learn why and how to use facial acupressure. She presents her Book, the Do-it-yourself Acupressure Face Lift Guide. Anne Cossé explains what is facial acupressure and how facial acupressure works. This 5000 years old finger pressure technique is derived from the well know acupuncture, and benefits to the skin by relaxing the muscles and eliminating toxins.

Press Release Body: The Chinese have used acupressure to enhance physical fitness and beauty for thousands of years. This 5,000 year old system has been found effective for toning muscles, improving the condition and "luster" of skin, relieving acne, sinus problems, jaw tension, and headaches.

It's amazing to learn that many of the points that are used for these common complaints have Chinese names that reveal their other benefits, such as the Facial Beauty point and the Heavenly Appearance point.

As a finger pressure technique, facial acupressure can be used as a facial massage technique. Simple finger pressure relieves congested areas as well as relaxes the muscles. Thus toxins are released and eliminated, which of course benefits our outward appearance.

To explain this simple and healthy technique to women, Anne wrote a guide, the Do-it-yourself Acupressure Face Lift. The guide teaches quick and easy exercises and explains how to use facial acupressure to improve the skin complexion and maintain a youthful look.

Anne insists on the fact that facial acupressure is a finger pressure technique and revives the skin without any chemical. Facial acupressure helps preserve the face with a simple daily practice. These quick and easy finger pressure exercises act to firm up the facial muscles, reduce the fine lines, and finally improve the skin complexion. Moreover, facial acupressure brings other benefits: it helps getting rid of acne, skin problems, headaches and sinusitis.

Eastern tradition describes the world in terms of energy. Energy is the elementary substance and vital life force. It is also a synonym of "breath". The Qi evokes breath, movement and vital energy. It encompasses two complimentary aspects: the Yin and the Yang. Without energy, there is no life.

The Qi goes way beyond simple muscular energy. It encompasses all the energies a body can pull: physical, mental, physiological and psychological. This flow is called Qi or Ch'i in Chinese, as in Tai Chi Chuan. It is called Ki in Japanese, as in Aikido, and Prana in India.

Acupuncture is a traditional Chinese medical technique for unblocking chi or qi. And the acupressure points are the famous acupuncture points, or acupoints (called "tsubos" in Japanese). They are the gateways to the Qi, and to the whole energy system. To work on the acupoints, acupuncture uses needles while acupressure uses gentle to firm finger pressure.

Many acupressure meridians run across the face, neck and skull. By massaging the points linked to the Qi, acupressure accesses the deeper levels and works on the general well-being, which in turn reflects on the face (everybody has noticed how a person in love looks radiant no matter what!). This vital energy is the most important element of the Facelift Acupressure; it governs our health, how we feel and how we look.

Anne Cossé is a Certified Acupressure Practitioner by the State of California. She is trained in traditional Shiatsu, Zen Shiatsu, Jin Shin Do, Reflexology, Touch for Health, and Reiki.

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