Building A Secure Financial Future Without The Stock Market


Released on: November 12, 2008, 4:54 am

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Press Release Body: (ALISO VIEJO, CA)—If you’ve watched the stock market over the last year you’ve probably wondered how you’ll ever find a secure investment that also yields a strong return. The answer may be in the bedrock principals that drive all successful investments.

James Burns, author of the new book The 3 Secret Pillars of Wealth: How to Crack Your Wealth Code Using the Tools of the Self-made Billionaires, believes that a return to sane, long-term investing can help build a strong financial future for anyone.

“Too many people have gotten caught up in complex, flash-in-the-pan investment schemes that have made the stock market a volatile and unfriendly place for the average investor,” says Burns. “It is absolutely possible to build a nice portfolio through other means.”

Burns says he believes that few people understand the market, which means that when the market collapses and affects people’s retirement accounts they are confused and angry.

“It is vital that people use tried and true methods for understanding and controlling their money,” says Burns. “Budget every month, only borrow money when you’ll use it to make more, and look for opportunities to buy and hold investments you understand.”

In The 3 Secret Pillars of Wealth, Burns list some of these non-market investments, including:

 Investment-grade life insurance
 The overabundance of cheap housing—as long as you are prepared to hold it
 An established business where partners help spread the risk in an LLC
 Commercial real estate, if you are comfortable with the market

“If you examine your potential investments carefully and understand that a long-term approach is best, you can avoid the stock market,” says Burns. “Just be aware that the market often affects other financial areas, and be prepared to weather a few storms.”

An attorney and a former member of the United States Marine Corps Force Recon, James Burns has two degrees in law and one in taxation and international tax. He has over seventeen years of combined financial, real estate and legal experience.

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