Commences Nationwide Distribution of Newly Launched 'Dragon Medical 10' Speech Recognition Software


Released on: November 12, 2008, 6:00 am

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Industry: Healthcare

Press Release Summary:, a Gold Certified Nuance Partner for world's best-selling speech recognition software, Dragon Naturally Speaking software is known for its unmatched services and pricing policies. They offer a quick shipping turn around, free shipping along with the guaranteed lowest prices online.

Press Release Body: Austin, Texas – November 12, 2008 – Along the lines of its tradition of superior services to customers all over the world, begins sales and shipping of recently launched Dragon Medical 10 from its seven strategically located warehouses.

Dragon Medical 10 is claimed to be the best selling, the fastest and most reliable real-time medical speech recognition software in the world. With an enhanced accuracy of over 20%, the software is claimed to recognize dictation two times faster than its previous versions.

Dragon Medical 10 comes standard with additional and recognized medical vocabulary, improved electronic medical record (EMR) systems, upgraded regional accent support, and customizable command facilities such as Voice Shortcuts. It is the most widely used speech recognition solution being used today by 80,000 clinicians in the United States alone.

Dragon Medical 10 offers faster solutions for doctors and physicians to create medical records and emails. The new software is claimed to boost productivity with improved Web search, ability to control PC and EMR by voice. As a result, doctors and professionals can reduce transcription costs and enhance productivity and patient care.

A spokesperson for says, “We are thrilled to now offer the latest version of the Dragon Medical speech recognition software. Just when we thought Version 9 of Dragon Medical was going to be hard to top -- Version 10 delivers on its promise of improved speed and performance and even greater speech accuracy, which allows users to increase the speed of their reports by 3 times faster than typing alone, but with up to a 99% accuracy rate. This is a must have software for doctors and physicians who value their time and the accuracy of their reports.”

Dragon Medical 10 offers support in over 75 medical disciplines with medical speech recognition vocabularies. It makes software as high as 38% more accurate than any other medical speech recognition software being used in medical practices.

Dragon Medical 10 has a host of additional features and benefits, which should also be noted. The speech software has accent recognition capabilities as it adapts to a variety of accents: U.S., Asian, Indian, etc. Dragon Medical 10 also complies to HIPAA regulations that are essential for patient confidentiality. The speech recognition software completely integrates directly and fully allows users to use their voice to dictate, edit and control widely used Microsoft software applications such as Microsoft Word, Outlook Express, Explorer and AOL.

Dragon Medical 10 comes Bluetooth ready, works with Bluetooth headsets and is ideal for doctors or physicians who need to be productive when they are on the go and away from the office.

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