Cliffr Projections Announces The Launch Of Their Novel All New Humor Website WHOLELOOK.COM


Released on: December 2, 2008, 6:28 am

Press Release Author: CliffR Projections

Industry: Internet & Online

Press Release Summary: Website is a novel new humor website offering ten different type of Daily Jokes, with three ‘Nexts’ each which are refreshed twice daily. Anyone can enjoy Whole Look. There are no signup's, logins, or other annoying protocols, just good humor presented in a simple format even Web novices can enjoy.

Press Release Body: CliffR Projections is pleased to announce the successful launch of its all new novel humor website Whole Look is the brainchild of owner Cliff Livingstone. Rather than using the standard approach of categorizing the content according to type such as Blond Jokes, Legal Jokes, Religious Jokes etc., and placing the materials in folders within folders requiring considerable surfing around to find anything, Livingstone decided to provide a whole new look and feel for a humor site. Whole Look fulfills the mandate perfectly says Livingstone. The look and feel of Whole Look is unlike any other humor website on the Internet.

Livingstone says he wanted a website which anyone looking for a quick pick me up while at work, studying, or working on the Internet could enjoy in a minute, rather than a website for someone who has gone onto the Internet looking for something to do. As a bottom line he went back to the late Netscape Browser approach, which was to present a Daily Joke followed by a small number of next’s, which were updated approximately once a week. Whole Look was initiated with the original ease and simplicity of Netscape and went forward from there.

Whole Look is now right on target says Livingstone. The Whole Look website offers ten different types of Daily Jokes with three ‘Nexts’ each, all refreshed twice daily. A visit to the site can be likened to a quick trip to the water cooler or a refreshing cup of coffee. Similarly, the content is categorized by kind rather than type, such as Jokes, Quotes, Puns, One offs (called Quickies), etc. Whole Look is also Family Guide approved, with no off color or other unsavoury jokes of any kind.

The Whole Look website is simplicity in itself. The Daily Jokes are all presented on the home page and no surfing is required to get around. Livingstone says even web dummies should be able figure out Whole look. As Livingstone likes to point out, ‘Who laughs last thinks slowest’. Likewise Whole Look is available to everyone equally. No memberships are required, or logins, or signups. Likewise, visitors are not hit with other annoying Whole look protocols.

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